Use that red lipstick you never wear to cover up dark under-eye circles


Red lipsticks on compact mirror

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Some of us, including yours truly, are huge fans of red lipstick. We covet every shade from fire-engine to blood. It certainly makes a bold statement and stands out, so understandably, not everyone is a fan. If you have a few tubes of too-bright, too-much red lipstick that you know you'll never wear, you may soon be able to put it to good use. We just have one question. Do you have dark circles under your eyes?

Even if you answered no, you'll want to check out this awesome video by Deepica Mutyala on how to DIY some neat concealer with that tube of red lipstick.  


How's it work?

It's a question of color theory, explains The San Francisco Globe: "On the color wheel, orange-red is on the opposite side of blue, which is the typical color of under-eye circles. By applying the orange-red lipstick over that bluish area, you neutralize that discoloration before applying the makeup of your desired shade to the affected area." How cool is that?