Variety is the spice of every diet


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We’ll say it until we’re blue in the face — fad diets don’t work.

Yes, you might lose weight with some of them, but they’re unsustainable, which will result in failure and frustration. So what are we to do? Don’t diet in the first place, or rather change the way you approach your own diet. Healthy eating is about lifestyle, and sometimes when we’re bombarded by the newest, sexiest fad, we get distracted from the basics. Let’s freshen up:

Variety, balance and moderation: We learned about the food pyramid in elementary school, but variety, balance and moderation need to work together to achieve a healthy eating lifestyle. This means finding a wide array of nutritious foods from each food group and rotating them into daily, weekly and monthly meals. This will keep us full of the nutrients we need, while keeping us from getting bored with the same kale and tomato salad. Boredom often leads to poor behavior, and poor behavior leads to a poor diet. Likewise, moderation means that we don’t have to cut out our favorite desserts, but rather balance them with portion control and a healthy diet. More variety also is more likely to push out those processed foods that hinder our health so much.

Likewise, variety in a diet is linked to increasingly lower risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer.

Finally, a diet that’s balanced and full of a variety of foods and nutrients won’t guarantee weight loss without adding in physical activity too. Like healthy eating, regular exercise is about a lifestyle change that's sustainable.