Viral video shows potential consequences of fracked-gas pipeline in NYC


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Green_OccupythePipelineVideoAn unnerving video has sparked public outcry in New York over the construction of a massive new pipeline carrying highly pressurized natural gas, slated for completion in November. The video, created by grassroots nonprofit group Occupy the Pipeline, explains how the $1.2 billion project will bring fracked gas with high concentrations of radon to city residents and how the pipeline itself, which runs under the West Village, could put New Yorkers in danger.

The pipeline is being built by subsidiaries of Texas-based Spectra Energy and runs 16 miles from Staten Island through New Jersey, under the Hudson River and through the West Village. Activists are concerned for several reasons:

  • These types of pipelines have been known to explode. According to data from the U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, there were 244 significant incidents on U.S. pipelines in 2012 that resulted in 10 dead, 55 injured and $180 million of property damage;
  • Spectra Energy has an alarming safety record: 17 safety violations in 2011, a $15 billion fine for contaminated pipelines and multiple facility explosions, according to The Nation; and
  • The fracked gas comes from Marcellus Shale, which has extremely high concentrations of radon, an odorless, cancer-causing radioactive gas.


Pipeline proponents say it will create construction jobs and help supply the city with natural gas, which burns cleaner than some heating oils, but is it worth the potential risks?

Learn more about how you can get involved at OccupyThePipeline.com.

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