A walking workout for beginners you'll actually want to stick with


start walking!

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We're nearly at the end of the first month of the New Year. If you haven't started on that list of resolutions yet, don't beat yourself up. There's no time like the present. Of course, for some of us, eating healthily and bidding farewell to a sedentary lifestyle may feel like it's easier said than done. A lot of workouts out there — even the ones that seem promising at first — may leave you feeling like you'll never find anything you'll actually stick to.

Not everyone is a naturally born athlete, and if you're older, have gained significant weight or are afraid to aggravate an old injury, finding the right workout can really be challenging. That's why we're such huge fans of good old-fashioned low-impact walking.

But even walking can be a tricky enterprise. Maybe you don't live in a pedestrian-friendly area, or you don't have a car to get to that one park with the track. Maybe you prefer a treadmill but have hit a plateau and are finding it difficult to stay interested.

Well, here's a walking workout that doesn't require jumping (which won't tick off downstairs neighbors if you have any) to get your heart pumping and your limbs working. It's a 30-minute power interval walk by one of our absolute favorite trainers, Jessica Smith. Even the most challenging moves in this workout for beginners are eventually doable and won't leave you feeling discouraged. In fact, there are no planks, no push-ups, no crunches and no equipment needed. 

You don't even have to watch the video all the way through before you actually follow along. If you hit a move you can't do, pause and fall into the basic walk-in-place step and carry on with the next move. As Smith says, not everything has to be perfect — that's not what this is about. She really does make you feel like you're having a good time.

This workout is an engaging way to burn a few calories, and stay active while getting your body in shape, inside and out. Stick with it and you never know: you may just end up tracking the harder stuff down the line.