Want flat abs? Try home maintenance!


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You’ve heard of Zumba, you’ve tried Pilates and maybe you had one disastrous Pure Barre experience, but have you heard of the latest workout trend?

We call it Homercise.*

The name hasn’t gone viral (yet), but if you put your mind to it, maintaining your home can help your body! Think about it: Those heavy boxes you need to move to the garage can double as squat thrusts, and your daily cleaning routine can easily turn into a cardio session. So ditch the personal trainer and follow this BrightNest-approved workout plan, instead. You’ll be bathing-suit-ready faster than you can say “Shake Weight.”

Warning: Before getting started, consult your doctor to make sure your heart is healthy enough for Homercise.

Inspect your house

(Calories burned: 300 calories/30 minutes) This one’s a great warm-up. As you’re inspecting your attic for rodents and checking your basement for mold, use those stairs to your advantage. Time yourself on each descent (or ascent!) and try to beat your previous speed. Bonus points if you carry some heavy tools with you. One trip up the stairs won’t cut it, so challenge yourself to do 10 reps. Feel the burn!


De-clutter with extreme prejudice

(Calories burned: 144 calories/30 minutes) Clutter is an inevitable side effect of a busy life, but it can also firm up your glutes! Don your favorite workout gear and start lifting. Got a lot of floor clutter? Sounds like a whole bunch of squat thrusts to us. Keep your back straight and power up as you lift. Your legs will be lean and toned after a week or two of heavy cleaning! Varying your workouts will ensure that you meet your fitness goals, so here are a few different organization workout options:


Get hammer-happy

(Calories burned: 105 calories/30 minutes) Forget the kettlebell; all you need for perfect, flab-free arms is a hammer and a DIY attitude! One hammer motion is about equal to one dumbbell curl, so count those reps and keep your arms evenly toned by switching up your hammer hand (as long as you feel comfortable swinging with your off-hand). We recommend doing 30 “curls” on each arm, so you’ll need more than one home project to tackle. Here are a few to get you started:


Clean your floors

(Calories burned: 112 calories/30 minutes) Have you ever spent time on a rowing machine? Well, you can get (almost) the same full-body workout by swinging around a broom or mop! Grab the cleaning device of your choice and go at your hardwood, tile or linoleum floors. Keep your core tight, your back straight and your arms high. Try to stay active for at least 10-minute intervals, and don’t be scared to exaggerate your arm motions. Large sweeps will speed up the cleaning process and get your body svelte!

To make Homercise even more fun, turn it into a game with our friends at Fitocracy! You’ll earn points and move up in levels when you meet your fitness goals. Have fun with it!

* The trademark is pending.

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