Wasting water is, um yeah, weird


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RipDripRaise your hand if you’ve left the water running while brushing your pearly whites. Or if you’ve run the dishwasher half full. If you’re guilty of any act that wastes water, well then, we’re calling you weird.

And so are the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense program and its partners, Bosch, Kohler, Lowe’s and P&G.

And they’ve got the perfect spokesperson — er, spokesweirdo — to share their message: Rip the Drip. Here’s a bit about Rip:

“Rip the Drip was born under the water sign Pisces, and is an assistant shift manager at a local water park. He enjoys taking long showers, listening to running faucets and opening fire hydrants. He has a proud collection of high-pressure hose nozzles that he uses to perform various dance routines in his driveway. His favorite movie is Waterworld — which he has seen 786 times — and he dreams of one day visiting Niagara Falls.”

Rip is also the star of a series of weird public service announcements from the WaterSense program, which you can watch here.

In the commercials, Rip shows up in people's homes when water is being wasted. He reminds them just how weird it is to use more water than you need.

Check out Wasting Water is Weird to learn more and stop being so weird.