Welcome fall with these 13 recipes


fall fruits and vegetables

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One second we're longing for summer to get here after what feels like an eternal winter, and the next we're glaring at the weather forecast when it — with its relentless humidity — seems to be overstaying its welcome. But after all the waiting, autumn is finally here. As temperatures drop (eventually), we'll be making lots of warm, hearty (and hopefully healthy) meals. Let's give the season of comfort food the welcome it deserves with the following 13 recipes.


1. Roasted Fall Vegetable Pizza

Hello Little Home 

From: Hello Little Home

This pizza has no sauce, and it doesn't need it thanks to the roasted cauliflower and butternut squash, fresh rosemary and sautéed baby kale. Don't forget the garlic! Simply brush the crust with a little olive oil, top with asiago cheese and pop into the oven for delicious comfort food.  


2. Spicy Grilled Eggplant and Zucchini Salad

Kalyn's Kitchen 

From: Kalyn's Kitchen

It's hard to figure out what's best about this salad: the Thai flavors in the dressing or the grilled eggplant with slightly charred skin. If you're not willing to give eggplant a chance, try grilling some zucchini instead.


3. Stuffed Acorn Squash

Happily Unprocessed  

From: Happily Unprocessed

Perfectly balancing the sweetness of the acorn squash is the stuffing, which is made with apples, sausage and tart cranberries. This meal will hit the spot as temperatures begin to drop and you start wondering what sunlight looks like. Vegetarians and vegans an substitute with Tofurkey sausage.


4. Provencal Style Stuffed Onions

The View from Great Island 

From: The View from Great Island

That's a Vidalia onion, but you can use any onion — sweet, regular, even red. Sweet onions have a slightly more flattened shape, which makes stuffing them easier. Their mild flesh also bakes up beautifully.


5. Winter Vegetable Torte

Proud Italian Cook 

From: Proud Italian Cook

We love beautiful dishes that result from a hodgepodge of leftovers in the fridge. This particular torte came about thanks to several small containers of roasted vegetables tucked away in the Proud Italian Cook's fridge, plus one large sweet potato. Fantastic!


6. Vegetable Pumpkin Curry

Julia's Album 

From: Julia's Album

This isn't just any vegetarian pumpkin curry. No, no, no! Full of Thai flavors, this curry is healthy, tasty and easy to make — our favorite! It has a touch of coconut milk, red curry paste and a little bit of honey. You'll want to add this to your weekday meal rotation for sure.


7. Butternut Squash-Kale Tart

Passports and Pancakes 

From: Passports and Pancakes

Adapted from a recipe in the Sprouted Kitchen cookbook, this butternut squash tart is as delicious as it is gorgeous. Who know comfort food could look so classy, too?


8. Harvest Wild Rice Skillet

Pinch of Yum 

From: Pinch of Yum

Speaking of comfort food, this taste of fall features juicy apples, delicate buttery squash, onions and butter, a handful of grated Provolone and a hearty scoop of nutty wild rice. You are going to want seconds.


9. Baked Rigatoni with Brussels Sprouts, Figs, and Blue Cheese

Mark Bittman 

From: Mark Bittman

As temperatures begin dropping, it gets easier to fire up those ovens again. And that means it's casserole season! This pasta dish isn't exactly a traditional casserole, but it still evokes the same warm, melty, heartiness. The bite of the cheese, the juicy sweetness of fresh figs and the crunch of Brussels sprouts complement one another beautifully.


10. Vegetable Tian

For the Love of Cooking 

From: For the Love of Cooking

Think of it as amped up scalloped potatoes meeting veggie casserole and you have a tian — a French word meaning "shallow earthenware casserole" as well as the food prepared in it, which is usually a variety of vegetables, herbs and cheeses that are baked to perfection.


11. Spaghetti Squash with Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Chickpeas

Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen 

From: Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen

Susan Voisin, the food blogger behind Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen, warns those who don't already know the joy that is spaghetti squash that since it lacks the starchiness of pasta, sauces don’t cling to it. But recipes like these will make you forget that you're not really having pasta. Trust us, you won't miss all the extra calories, either.


12. Roasted Vegetable Strudel

Proud Italian Cook 

From: Proud Italian Cook

We couldn't resist including this gorgeous roasted vegetable strudel. The Proud Italian Cook recommends roasting your veggies ahead of time, as well as keeping the phyllo covered with a damp cloth as you layer it. You'll need six sheets for this recipe. And don't go drenching them in melted butter! Instead, spray olive oil over each sheet and add a sprinkling of grated Romano cheese on each layer.


13. Sausage and Kale Pasta Bake

Bev Cooks 

From: Bev Cooks

If you are still torn between wanting to eat kale because it's good for you and hating the idea of actually having to consume it, then this is the recipe you need right now. Kale? What kale? That's what you'll ask yourself as you take a bite and savor the Italian sausage, bell pepper and cheese. Did we mention the chipotle cream sauce? Oh, yes. Fire up that oven right now.