‘Well, Okay!’ Lil Jon is latest artist to promote Zumba Fitness


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Rapper Lil Jon recently debuted his new song "Work"at a Zumba fitness instructors conference.

There’s a lot of booty shaking going on around the world.

According to Zumba, there are about 14 million people taking classes on a weekly basis in more than 140,000 locations, across more than 150 countries. No wonder major names in the music biz want in on the sweaty action. Zumba’s newest addition: Lil Jon. The rapper and DJ recently debuted “Work,” a song he created in partnership with the brand, at a Zumba instructor conference in Los Angeles. “Work” will be available on iTunes next month.

He will also be a part of a new Zumba Nightclub series event with celebrity fitness instructor Gina Granton on April 9, 10, 11 and 13 in Boston, Pittsburgh, Queens and Cincinnati nightclubs. You can see Lil Jon perform and work out at the same time: brilliant! Tickets are on sale now.

“Zumba is world-wide, respected and it’s about health,” Lil Jon told Billboard. “It’s something that you really didn’t expect from me. People have been blown away to find out that Zumba and I have partnered up.”


“Ditch the work out, join the party”

The biggest Latin American fitness program is the perfect platform to promote new music. The genius brand even hosts “fitness concerts” where major recording artists — like Pitbull, Don Omar, Wyclef Jean, Paulina Rubio and Daddy Yankee — perform live as instructors lead fans through hip-shaking, cardio-charged routines. Wyclef Jean’s song “Historia” is included as an official Zumba track that instructors use in their classes. A remix to Vanilla Ice’s “Ice, Ice, Baby,” was released last year:


Pitbull has licensed his most popular songs, like “Shut It Down” and “I Know You Want Me,” for Zumba playlists. He actually wrote and recorded “Pause” specifically for Zumba in 2011. Check out the video, which was produced by Zumba Fitness, featuring choreography that is taught in classes around the world.


Reggaeton star Don Omar’s wildly popular “Danza Kuduro” is also a part of the Zumba playlist. He even released a song in 2012 called “Zumba,” which is featured in the “Zumba Fitness Core” video game.

“I see it like, I’m gonna have 12 million hits weekly if I post a song with this new project,” Don Omar told Billboard. “I think it is a great moment for me and for all the artists out there to start to look into these kinds of platforms to promote their music, because it is the business of the future.”

Try these moves at home: