Best nail strengtheners for weak brittle nails that split, chip & break easily


best nail strengthener ideas

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When nails split, peel, chip and break, it can be as alarming as it is frustrating. But fear not, friend, for there are steps you can take to help strengthen your nails and make them healthy again — regardless of whether you like to keep them short or hope to grow them long.  You ultimately need the best nail strengthener for your finger nails.

A number of factors may be contributing to your nails suddenly having the texture of delicate tissue paper. While a vitamin deficiency may certainly be to blame, take a step back and look at your habits first.


Nervous nellies

Do you bite your nails? Well, stop it. Biting your nails, especially doing so consistently over a long period of time, can definitely weaken your nails. Do what you have to do to break this really bad — and gross — habit. Keep them polished, dip them in hot sauce or get some of that no-bite nail formula that you apply like polish and tastes nasty. These no-bite formulas can range from $3 to $15 at chain drugstores.


Water damage

Washing your hands often without thoroughly drying them can also contribute to weak nails. Don’t simply wipe your hands on your pants. Go on and grab a towel and dry them well. Not wearing gloves while doing dishes and cleaning surfaces with harsh cleaners? Tsk, tsk! You’ll have to, especially if you use cleaners with bleach on a daily basis. I’m talking to you, pet owners.


Hard as nails

Vitals_SallyHansenHardAsNailsSally Hansen Hard As Nails, Hard As Wraps, Powerful Acrylic Gel. It’s in a blue bottle. It’s less than 5 bucks. What’s not to love? It’s by no means the only product out there that can help your nails recover from the abuse you’ve dealt them, but you can find it at chain pharmacies, and did we mention it’s less than $5? Of course, there are similar nail hardeners out there on either side of the price spectrum.


Primed and polished

After applying some of that nail hardener, feel free to polish them, too. Keeping your nails polished may encourage you to stop biting them and to protect them while scouring all those pots and pans so you can extend your manicure. Beware, though, of nail polish removers. Acetone is super harsh on nails, and if you use it weekly, it can weaken your nails and defeat the purpose of using nail hardeners.



While you’re at the pharmacy, pick up some Biotin. It’s a B vitamin that, in part, promotes healthy nails. Bonus? It claims to make your hair healthy, too. Depending on the brand, the count and the strength in mcgs, prices can range from $6 to $25 at chain pharmacies.


Final thoughts

Although weak nails may also be a symptom of something bigger — from a vitamin deficiency to the Big C (cancer) — don’t jump to conclusions. Get your finger off that panic button and see your doctor if you have any concerns. What you shouldn’t do is go on WebMD and diagnose yourself with one vitamin deficiency and three different forms of cancer. That may lead you to bite your nails, and, well, cut that out.