What to eat before and after you work out



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After spending a lifetime indulging in decadent food, getting yourself in the habit of eating healthier can be a little tricky. It's challenging enough to trade a burger and fries for a bowl of kale salad — but what happens when, once that afternoon slump hits, you have to pass on a bag of chips or candy bar in lieu a healthy snack?

For someone who isn't a natural born health nut, even the logistics of figuring out what to snack on can be a little daunting at first. You can get rid of all the junk food you have stashed in your cupboards and fridge and have every intention of snacking healthily, but what happens when you get home, knowing you have to work out, and those hunger pangs remind you that you're low on fuel? What do you eat? What do you have? What should you stock up on? Should you just skip the snack?

Well, good news. You don't (and shouldn't) skip the snack. And it doesn’t have to all be celery and carrot sticks. This infographic by Drink Svelte takes the guesswork out of deciding what meals and snacks to have before your work out, as well as afterward.

Drink Svelte 

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