What you should know about 2014's new lightbulb rules


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The new year often brings major changes. Got a resolution? Trying to lose weight? Making over your home? Well there’s one other change you may not be aware of. Starting Jan. 1, new rules took effect per the Energy Independence and Security Act, which is phasing out 40- and 60-watt incandescent bulbs. If you weren’t aware, or are just plain confused, Lowe's has offered some guidance to light the way.

  • You can continue using your existing bulbs, and retailers can sell off their remaining stock of incandescents, so don’t feel perplexed if you still see 40- and 60-watt bulbs on store shelves for some time.

  • Manufacturers are producing halogen bulbs that are very similar to incandescents in effect, but still meet the new efficiency standards.

  • These days, the average LED bulb lasts for at least 22 years and costs significantly less to operate than incandescents.

  • Modern-day CFLs contain less mercury, provide better lighting and take less time to power on than their former counterparts.

  • You now have more options when it comes to color temperatures, which can be suited for ambient lighting, workspace and outdoor needs.