When life gives you lemons, make True Lemon lemonade: Coupon inside


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It’s officially summer and nothing sounds better to us than a lip-smacking glass of lemonade. Enjoy it without the guilt and with the tangy taste with True Lemon, a 100%-natural sweetened and unsweetened powdered drink mix.

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True Lemon is made with 100%-natural, cold-pressed and crystallized lemon and contains 0 calories (5 calories for sweetened varieties), 0 carbs, 0 fat and no sweeteners, preservatives, gluten or sodium. It comes in such yummy flavors as True Orange, True Lemon Lemonade and True Lemon Raspberry Lemonade.

We love this refreshing drink because it comes in on-the-go stick packets that you add to a glass of water (great for encouraging kids to drink more water!) and the sweetened varieties are made with Stevia, a 100%-natural sweetener.