A new pet gadget for when your dog's got to go — on the go


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So there’s this new pet gadget that will be available later this year, and it’s called the Shake Dog Potty, from Brooklyn-based Modko. And it’s pretty much what it sounds like.

The Shake is a portable dog potty, which the company claims is “beautiful enough” to leave out in your home. However, should you choose to hide it away, the Shake folds up.

So how did the product get its name? From its method of cleaning: Seal it shut, add water, shake and empty.

The Shake’s solid grates offer your pet a stable surface. Octagonal holes limit splash-back, and below the grates, pitched wells direct liquid toward the center, where it is trapped in sealed chambers. This allows the Shake to be closed without spillage. It features rubber feet to keep it from sliding around and scratching up you floor.

The company is giving away one Shake per week through July. Participants must send the company a picture of their dog and an explanation for why you want the product. Modko is also giving away five more to the dogs who get the most "likes." Pre-sale starts in August.

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