Why disinfected hot tubs and swimming pools may not be as clean as you think


swimming pool - why you really want to keep the p out of it

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Memorial Day is right around the corner. Summer is almost here. And you know what that means: Everybody into the pool!

Be it in a hot tub or a swimming pool, water can bring immediate relief from stress or summer heat. Unfortunately, hot tubs and pools are not always as clean as you might think, even when disinfected. In a new study in the American Chemical Society's Environmental Science & Technology publication, scientists have found that the more these facilities are used, the more potentially harmful compounds they contain.



Disinfectants such as chlorine kill pathogens in hot tubs and swimming pools, whether they are personal or public facilities. But disinfectants also react with sweat, urine and other substances that users add to the water.


Scary stuff

Studies of swimming pools have identified many of the resulting compounds, called disinfection byproducts. And testing has shown that they can cause genetic damage to cells in lab settings. Other reports have found that some people who swim or work in and around pools have higher rates of certain health problems, including respiratory symptoms and bladder cancer. Susan D. Richardson and colleagues took a closer look at hot tubs, in addition to pools, to help flesh out potential problems with disinfection byproducts.

The researchers sampled water from public and private hot tubs and pools from tap to basin, and after both normal and intense use. They identified more than 100 disinfection byproducts in the water and tested extracts of the samples for their potential to cause genetic damage to cells in the lab. On average, pool and hot tub samples were 2.4 and 4.1 times more mutagenic, respectively, than the original tap water used to fill them.

Heavy use increased mutagenic potencies further.

So does that mean summer is ruined forever? Of course not!


Keep it clean(er)

All is not lost. The researchers say that pool and hot tub operators could reduce disinfection byproducts by cleaning facilities and changing water more frequently. In addition, they could encourage swimmers to shower before sliding in and to use toilets when needed.

If operators stay on top of things and users cooperate, then there will be no need to worry about pretty scary stuff and you can enjoy a nice refreshing respite from those dog days of summer.