Why squats are so awesome & how to do them right


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Squats. They never get easier. Every time my kickboxing instructor tells the class to do 10 power squats, I shudder because I know it’s going to hurt. I also know that squats are one of the best workouts for your body, so I grin and bear it.

Squats not only build muscle in your legs — including quadriceps, hamstrings and calves — but they also strengthen connective tissue, preventing injury in areas like your knees and ankles. It's a functional exercise, so the more you do now, the better off your body will be when you’re older. The best part about squats: They lift your butt to make it look fantastic!



There are so many types of squat variations out there. However you choose to do them, be mindful of your form — otherwise you're risking injury.

Squat in front of a mirror and look for the following in your form:

  • Tilt your hips back while you squat your butt down (like you’re sitting in an imaginary seat).

  • Keep your core tight throughout the whole exercise.

  • Hold your arms at shoulder level or extend them out.

  • Knees should never pass your toes.

  • Feet should always be flat on the floor.

  • Weight should be concentrated on your heels.

  • Knees should always be pointed at same direction as toes.

  • Inhale as you squat down; exhale as you come back up.

Here’s a quick video to use as a visual aid: