Why you should be doing Kegel exercises right now


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Kegels do more than enhance your sex life — the pelvic-floor exercises are also an easy and effective way to prevent leakage and reduce your risk of urinary tract infections.

That's the message Cystex — a urinary health product brand — is trying to send with its new educational campaign called "Your Bladder Matters," which aims to help encourage women to speak more comfortably about bladder health and urinary issues.

Cystex's new music video called "I'm Kegeling. Are you?" might induce giggles, but the message behind it is a good one: Strengthening the pelvic muscles through daily Kegel exercises can improve bladder health — and no one has to know you're doing them. 

Women who accidentally pee when they laugh or sneeze know how frustrating and embarrassing the issue can be. By repeatedly contracting and relaxing the muscles that surround the urethra and bladder base, you strengthen them and lower your risk of accidental leaks. 

These exercises have been shown to reduce urine leakage during pregnancy and after childbirth, and they lower your chance of developing a UTI.

Since the muscles involved in Kegels are also the ones that contract when you climax, these exercises can also benefit you in the bedroom. According to Cosmopolitan, they "cause a tighter grip during intercourse and more intense contractions during orgasm because more blood gets sent to your below-the-belt region."

Not sure how to go about doing them? Check out Cystex's Kegel exercise instructions here.