Why you should love deadlifts (and how to do them correctly)


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Deadlifts aren’t just for bodybuilders. Anyone can benefit from them because they improve posture, strengthen the core more than sit-ups and work multiple muscle groups at once.

They are safe — as long as you practice good form — and they can even help prevent injuries when lifting things in everyday life. Try to incorporate deadlifts into your regular strength training routine.

Here are four tips for learning to deadlift correctly:

Step 1

Set up a weight that is challenging, but not so heavy it will affect or negatively impact your form. Bend your knees and sit your hips to pick up your weights, use the back side of your body to hold the weight as if you are pushing a door closed with your back and shoulders as you stand up.


Step 2

Keep a soft bend in your knees, but keep the back side of your body fully holding the weight as it tries to pull you forward. Keep your shoulders retracted – meaning pulling together throughout the entire exercise.


Step 3

Hinge forward from your hips, not your torso or knees and act as if you are shaving your legs with the weight. Lower the weight down just to the bottom of your knee caps, no need to go any lower as you will start to lose the muscles engages on the back side.


Step 4

Raise back up to standing by keeping a long spine, engage all the muscles in your back, glutes and hamstrings and shave your legs with your weight to come back to your start position.

Katie Haggerty is a group fitness instructor and national brand manager for Life Time – the Healthy Way of Life Company.