Work out with your BFF this Galentine’s Day


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Let’s be real, working out sucks sometimes, and it can be hard to motivate yourself. On those days, it helps to have a workout partner that will hold you accountable and get you moving. Also, working out with a friend could actually turn an otherwise blah routine into a fun time or at the very least a hilarious workout whine-fest. Why not take your routine up a notch by doing a workout that you and your partner-in-sweat can do together? There’s no better time than Galentine’s Day to recommit to fitness with your friends.


1. Your 3-Minute Partner Ab Workout


From: Daily Burn

This is a quick core sequence that would work well for those who may be doing cardio with their BFF, such as a run, and want a quick core routine to cap off their workout. This buddy workout is heavy on the high-fiving and, in the final majorly tough move, you and your BFF will fire up your lower abs big time by drawing small circles around each other’s feet. It may not seem like much, but adding the challenge of not kicking your friend while performing ab work really heightens the intensity. Three minutes is a short amount of time, but you’ll definitely feel the effects of this awesome workout. These moves can also be done solo, but it’s not as fun if you can’t high-five your friend after an oblique situp.


2. The Fhitting Room Meets SLT


From: Well + Good

What’s better than exercising with a friend? Try exercising with a friend using this next-level GIF workout created by two boutique fitness studios that is guaranteed to give you an intense sweat session. This is definitely not a workout for beginners, but it is great for fit besties looking to ramp up their usual exercise routine. Plus, trainers Ben Wegman of HIIT circuit studio The Fhitting Room and Bethany Meyers of SLT (which stands for Strengthen Lengthen Tone) give a master class in perfect form, which will educate even the most seasoned fitness enthusiast. In this dynamic bodyweight sequence, which Well + Good calls a “strength- and trust-building workout,” you’ll be using your BFF as resistance and support, depending on what role you take in the exercise. These high-quality GIFs fully illustrate each exercise, allowing you and your partner to follow these tricky moves without much difficulty. Both partners will be working during each move, in most cases performing different movements. It will help if you and your friend have a similar level of fitness since you’ll be relying on each other to properly perform each movement. Well + Good provides fantastic helpful hints throughout the instruction, such as how to make squat planks more challenging. Also, three words: Side. Plank. Mermaid. If that doesn’t get you moving, nothing will.


3. A Morning-After-Too-Much-Wine Yoga Routine


From: The Coveteur

This is a great flow whether you’re recovering from a hangover or just need a good stretch session. It was designed by yogis from Love Yoga and is built with lots of twists to limber up aching bodies. Technically, it’s not strictly a partner workout, but seeing two yogis working on these moves together is enough to make any pair of besties want to hit the mat. This relaxing flow includes some great hip openers. It’s hard to improve upon Pigeon pose, but this sequence manages to do just that by adding a twist and a back bend. Be sure to read through the instructions, as the duo lets you know just what areas of the body are being worked with each exercise and mentions different transitional movements that will help the flow feel a little bit more organic. While you will need to use your own knowledge of yoga to transition from one movement to the next, these GIFs allow for improvisation if you’re feeling more of a challenge or need a little less intensity while still providing a framework. If you're seriously hung over, doing this workout might not be the best idea. Just be sure to properly hydrate before attempting anything that will make you sweat more!

Remember to talk with your medical professional before getting started to see if these workouts are right for you and choose workouts that suit your fitness level. Make Galentine’s day your day for loving yourself and helping you and your best friends stay healthy and strong!