The World Cup Of Country Beer — Pick your brew


World Cup of Country Beer

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Are you ready for some fútbol? The highly anticipated 2014 World Cup is here, so we decided to take a look at the participating nations and the beer that their fans will be quaffing while cheering them on.

And don't forget to add your favorite beer in the comments section to the country beer you happen to like.

Group A

Brazil: Skol

Beer from Brazil: Skol

The most popular beer in Brazil, the name "Skol" is related to the Scandinavian toast "skål."

Croatia: Ožujsko

Ožujsko, which means "March Beer," is the official sponsor of the Croatian national football team.

Mexico: Corona

Corona, first brewed in Mexico City in 1925, wasn't imported to the United States until 1979. Imagine a beach trip without it.

Cameroon: Les Brasseries

Les Brasseries is a brewing company in the West African country of Cameroon that brews, bottles and distributes several brands of beer, including "33" Export, Beaufort, Castel and Tuborg.

Group B

Spain: San Miguel

San Miguel beer was first brewed in Manila in the 1890s, but was given the Royal Grant from the Spanish king to brew beer in the Philippines, when it was a colony of Spain.

Netherlands: Heineken

The only ingredients used are water, malted barley and hops. The closely guarded recipe remains the same as the original in 1873.

Chile: Kross 5

Kross Brewery began with the meeting of José Tomás Infante, who worked in Ireland, and Asbjorn Gerlach, who moved to Chile from Germany. They wanted to infuse a Chilean flair to beer.

Australia: Victoria Bitter

It’s a must that you serve Victoria Bitter beer as close to freezing as you can get.