‘Yoga for Real Life’: Kundalini yoga made simple


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We have so many ways to communicate with others, but how do we find the time and energy to check in with our own bodies? Maya Fiennes offers a brilliant solution with “Yoga for Real Life,” a Kundalini yoga primer on DVD that taps into chakras, or energy centers, with a combination of yoga poses and chants to create a holistic experience that aims to give us an energy and immunity boost; with the multitude of illnesses attacking us this winter, we could all stand to fortify our immune systems!

“Yoga For Real Life” is not your typical workout. It is an approach to body movement that can be used in a variety of ways. Maya suggests focusing on two or three chakras at a time, an excellent way to supplement your regular Vinyasa yoga practice or prepare your body for a busy day. The series of stretches at the beginning of the practice can be done anywhere and are great for relieving tension all day long. Maya exudes calm as she guides the viewer through every exercise and chant, providing the benefits of each, as well as helpful tips, such as modifications for the challenging Bridge pose and when to avoid practicing Moving Crow pose.

There are some movements that promote core and back strength; they are more about gaining flexibility and supporting the individual as a whole than body toning. Pregnant women will find the sixth chakra movements of particular interest, as they focus on preparing the body for childbirth and bonding with their children. The DVD ends with different meditation methods — Maya encourages the viewer to go with whatever meditation feels best.

Maya Fiennes’ "Yoga for Real Life" is a wonderful introduction to Kundalini yoga and tool for increasing mindfulness and holistic healing. You can purchase the DVD at Amazon or via Gaiam’s website.