Your 2014 room-by-room home organization guide


home organization guide

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We've taken it upon ourselves to decide something for all of you in 2014. (Because who likes thinking for themselves anyway?) You are going to get organized and coming up wtih cool home organization systems. That's right. Room by room, we are going to declutter your home with these clever, simple tips. Some require some DIYing, but you love getting crafty, so it's not bother.

Here's to clearing away the mess in 2014. Cheers, everyone!


1. Declutter the fridge

Say good-bye to the chaos on your refrigerator. Organize your coupons, bills and photos with this organizer hidden behind a cabinet door.


2. Clear up the counter.

Running out of counter space? Load up your fruits on magazine racks hung on the wall.


3. No more mail mess

If you’re the kind of person who throws the mail on the kitchen counter and leaves it there for weeks, create a system to keep it organized. Try an envelope sorter and designate the slots for bills, RSVP correspondence and important info. The junk mail should go straight into the recycling bin.


4. Pick up the pantry

Pull your messy pantry together with these five inexpensive tips.


5. A cabinet for your cutting boards

Keep track of your cutting boards all in one place with this rack attached to the inside of a cabinet.


6. Organized spice storage

Raise your hand if you’ve given up on organizing your spices in a meaningful way. Now drop it because we found a DIY-able way to keep them in order.


7. Clear jars for your favorite ingredients

It’s annoying when you have to open a ton of boxes and containers just to find the right ingredients for your recipes. Use clear jars instead. Now only will you have a clear view off all your kitchen staples, but you’ll also have a damn good lookin’ pantry.


8. Keep your fridge and food fresh

Don’t forget about the inside of your refrigerator. Use these tips to keep your food fresh for longer and your fridge pristine.




1. Where to throw your throws

If you have a nice-sized collection of throws or blankets, organize them on a ladder. It will free up your couch (or bed) and add a touch of decor to the room.


2. Laundry organization

Organize your darks and lights — and iron — all with one handy laundry sorter.


3. Make space below your bed

Raise your bed off the floor to create storage space underneath. These bed risers also feature power outlets to charge your gadgets.


4. Systematize your scarves

If you own countless scarves and have no clue how to organize them, try this scarf holder. It features a number of holes through which you can drape your collection.


5. Hide your gadgets for less clutter

You’ve got your smartphone, tablet, MP3 tablet, e-reader and any other number of gadgets charging away on your nightstand. But what if could tuck them neatly away in a drawer? Martha will show you how.




1. Shelving for your bathroom supplies

Try stand-alone metal shelving to hold your bathroom essentials, like toilet paper and towels.


2. Mason jars to manage your personal care items

Use mason jars to organize those little odds and ends in the bathroom, like Q-tips and cotton balls — genius and good looking. Click through for the tutorial from Lovely Little Details.


3. Store more inside the medicine cabinet door!

Martha Stewart sure knows how to organize. Attach some cups to the inside of your medicine cabinet for instant storage.


4. A shoe organizer for more bathroom supplies

Clean up your bathroom essentials with a hanging shoe organizer. You’ll never go fishing under the sink for toilet paper again.


5. Organize your gadget cords.

Read our awesome tips to say goodbye to wire clutter. Put a power strip inside your bedside table, use a basket to neatly stash your gadgets, use plastic bread bag tags to mark which cord goes to which gadget/appliance and more!


6. Use egg trays for your knickknacks

We all have tons of little knickknacks that get lost the minute you look away. Try using egg trays to keep them organized all in one place.




1. Get a cabinet with storage baskets

Try this cabinet from Pier 1 to stylishly organize files, paper, magazines, you name it.


2. A beautiful way to display your books

If you’ve got more books than you can count, invest in this library shelving from The Container Store.


3. Clean up your entertainment center

You’ve got DVDs. You’ve got a DVD player. You’ve got remotes. You’ve got a cable box. Keep all your entertainment needs in one place with this wall-mounted audio/video console.


4. Other great organization products

Try any of these organization products for your living room, recommended by Design Sponge.