Your best summer diet: Advice from a raw food enthusiast



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During the warm weather months, drastic shifts from your cold-weather diet may leave you feeling less than your peak self. The reason: Your body is a highly adaptive machine and once you set up parameters, it is important to stick with them. To help take the guesswork out of it all, here’s a cheat sheet for your summer diet.


1. Consistency is key.

Your diet shouldn’t vary all that much from cold weather to hot weather (except that in cold weather you may crave more hot and stimulating foods because they warm you up). No matter what the temperature is, for optimal health, a plant-based diet is always the most beneficial to your overall health. 


2. Remember the BIG SEVEN.

One: Try to avoid processed foods as much as possible. Two: Steer clear of dairy products as much as you can. Three: Don’t overeat. Four: Watch the time and try to avoid eating late at night. Five: Reduce your overall protein intake. Six: Consume plenty of fresh, raw juices, both vegetable and fruit. Seven: Eat lots of raw vegetables (some cooked, but try to consume mostly raw) and fruits, nuts, sprouts and seeds.


3. Variety is the spice of life.

Make sure your diet consists of a wide range of produce, ranging from avocado, leafy greens, coconut, berries, stone fruits, sprouts, raw almonds, plenty of citrus fruits, ripe bananas, cucumbers, carrots and so on. Raw fruits are a main source of vitamins. Try mixing it up even further by combining raw fruit juices mixed with raw green juices; for example, 5 oz. kale with 5 oz. pineapple. Not only will this lead to increased nutrients, but the kale lowers your glycemic index, while the pineapple satiates intense sugar cravings.


4. Stop fighting fats.

It’s been about 50 years since anybody thought that all fats were bad. The main fats to avoid are processed food fats like hydrogenated oils, and steer clear of frying things whenever possible! Keep it very simple. Plant based oils and fats are all good for you; for example coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, coconut flesh and olive. All of these things in their raw, unprocessed forms are awesome.


5. Get your H2O.

Avoid processed and sugary or chemical-laden drinks at all costs. If you want to be a super athlete — or even just feel like one — drink clean pure water and plenty of fruit and vegetable raw juices.


So as the weather heats up, keep your cool and stick to a nutritious diet, leading to a healthy summer for you and your family.

Marcus Antebi, CEO and founder of Juice Press, was born in the age of sugary cereals. By the time he was 20, he has developed an appetite for white sugar, concentrated proteins and carbs. Initially inspired by vanity, Antebi went on to discover the science of weight control, vitality and anti-aging. He is now 80% raw.