Your go-to guide to camping this season


campers putting up a tent

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With autumn just around the corner, many folks are getting ready for some fun in the great outdoors. Veteran campers already know that a camping trip requires more than just getting a tent, a sleeping bag and a bunch of cool accessories. If you're new to roughing it, then here's a nice rundown of how to best prepare so your trip doesn't go bust.


First things first


Cozy campfires, snuggly sleeping bags and scenic hikes are what make camping a great experience, but bug bites, poison plants and health concerns can make your trip turn miserable. Here are five camping concerns and how to avoid them.


Renegade critters


Wanting to appreciate nature comes with some risks. After all, you've invited yourself into what many critters call home. Check out our cheeky survival guide, which shows whether you should freeze of flee if you encounter everything from a bear to a rattlesnake.


Feeding time


If you think camping means having to survive on granola bars for the weekend, think again. You may have to sacrifice indoor plumbing but these 11 creative camping food ideas and recipes prove you don't have to sacrifice a satisfying and tasty meal.


Thou shalt clean up after yourself and not be a jerk


It's important to keep yourself safe, but it's just as important to respect the very setting you are enjoying in the first place. These 10 commandments include an important reminder on cleaning up after yourself so others can enjoy the outdoors, too.


Tying the knot

When you want to enjoy the great outdoors it's a good idea to channel your inner boy or girl scout and always be prepared. Mother Nature Network created the following infographic detailing several simple knots that can help you in a variety of situations. Check it out, because you never know — the last thing you want to do is try to work it out while flustered and discovering that you have no signal on that fancy cell phone:

Mother Nature Network