Your home decor would be way cooler if it was made from wine crates


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One creative entrepreneur recognized the beauty in the wine crates that restaurants usually tossed in the trash — and he made them into gorgeous, functional pieces of home decor. 

Kyle Marshall, a server at high-end New York City restaurants, got the idea to build with wine crates after moving to a Manhattan apartment that had little kitchen cabinet space. As his girlfriend watched in horror while sawdust piled up on the living room floor, he sawed and nailed and stained the boxes into a gorgeous spice rack — check it out!

One spice rack became two, then three, as friends asked for their own, and eventually he created new designs, adding a slotted bottom to the original spice rack to hold wine glasses and building additional pieces like key holders to hang on the wall and wine shelves to tastefully store wine bottles. 

As more people showed interest, Marshall realized he had stumbled onto something profitable and just this week launched a Kickstarter for the business, which he named Wine Crate Carpentry. 

These wine crate creations are not only beautiful and unique, but they're also an awesome way to reuse material that usually ends up in a landfill. Check out the Kickstarter page for more info. You can get lots of these cool pieces by backing the project! Just move fast — this a 30-day Kickstarter, which means you have only one month to help it become a reality!