Your new secret weapon for fridge stink


Fridge stink

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True story: When I was 9 years old I found a bag of deli meat under the front seat in my grandma’s car. It had slipped between the seat and the center console, and no one noticed it until it started to smell like death. That’s when my education, and mastery, of the art of de-stinking a space began — because we tried everything. Baking soda, Febreze, vinegar solution. You know what finally got rid of the smell?

Coffee grounds.

We placed an open tin of coffee grounds in the cup holder in the front of the car and replaced it once a week for a month. That was the first time we could use the car again. At the time, the grounds were fresh, but recently I started to wonder: If used coffee grounds defeated that death-smell, could the already-brewed grounds absorb the more moderately unpleasant odors in my fridge, too?

The answer is yes!

Try putting a bowl or mug — anything that doesn’t have a sealed top — of used coffee grounds in the fridge or freezer to see how it helps absorb smells. (This will probably work better than the box of baking soda that’s been there since 2001). Depending on your cup-o-joe routine, you can make a point of changing them out the first week of the month. 


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