Your picture could be worth $2K


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Ever shoot an awesome picture of a sunset and think, “this could win a contest?” Well, maybe it can. PLANET Magazine, is inviting all aspiring photogs to enter its “This is Earth” photo contest.

As the name implies, “This is Earth” is all about showcasing the beauty and wonders of nature from flowers and rivers to birds and fish. Anything related to the natural world is fair game, except for humans, so no creative photos of you holding up a natural wonder in your hand please.

If your photo is lucky enough to win the grand prize, you will receive $2,000 and a minimum 10-image portfolio to be published on PLANET’s website. Prizes for second, third and fourth place will also be awarded.

Even if you don’t win a prize for your photo, it can still get you some recognition. PLANET plans to present the top 1,000 images for the contest in a special online portfolio that lists each photographer’s name and links to personal websites.

The contest costs $20 per entry, and submissions are due by May 31. Click here for more information.