10 awesome tents that will have you begging to sleep outdoors

interesting how we want to escape from the modern world, get back to nature and the simple things in life only to find there are so many innovative ways to sleep in the great outdoors. We rounded up 10 amazing tents that will inspire you to run out of the office and into the forest.

1. Artistic Flare

These hip, roomy two-person tents by Field Candy have all the fixin’s of a standard tent except they come in a wide variety of artsy farsty fabulous designs including: a yummy sandwhich, space, creepy circus tent, watermelon, etc. So fun!

2. Geek Chic

Do techies go camping? If so, they should be on the look out for this solar-powered tent concept. Some of the features include: three solar panels made of photovoltaic fabric woven into the regular fabric; a wireless charging pouch (uses magnetic induction for your smartphone or tablet), radiated floor heating and a WiFi hub in case you can’t stand the majesty of nature for long.

3. Gimme Shelter

For the “glamper” who doesn’t mind the lack of privacy and loves a great view, a bubble hut is for you. Because it’s inflatable, setup is a breeze. You can even use it as a year-round escape in your yard.

4. Road Warrior

The Bikamper is a personal shelter that uses a front wheel in place of tent poles. You AND your bike will stay warm and dry all night. Easy to set up and take apart so you’ll be on your way in no time.

5. Tree Hugger

These dew drop hanging tree tents by Dutch designer and sculpter Dre Wapenaar are simply awesome. They were origianlly created for an environmental activists in England who would live up in trees during their protests against deforestation.

6. Livin’ in the Past

Make this the Summer of Love with this officially licensed 1965 VW Camper tent. It sleeps four adults, and you can even stand and walk around in it. Great for summer music festivals!

7. Backyard Antics

Holy crap, is this coolest tent ever? Obviously, this tent covering is meant for an exisiting trampoline in your backyard. While you can’t hike with this thing, you sure can have a lot of fun in your backyard with one. Kids can bounce all day, then hold a slumber party at night.

8. Easy Does it

This two-person inflatable tent by HEIMPLANET is perfect for backpackers who don’t want to carry the extra weight and want an easy setup after a long day of hiking.

9. Does it All

This Eurodome creation can be five different things:

1. Floor teepee
2. Hanging Teepee
3. Portaledge tent for rock climbers
4. Hunter lodge (just detach floor)
5. Birdwatch tent (light from the inside doesn’t see outside, and vice versa)


10. Hangin’ Out

Pardon us, we’re slightly obssessed with suspended tree tents. This spacious, yet cozy three-person tent by Tentstile will will bring you close to Mother Nature but far way from potential bear visitors.