Fabric headboard

12 DIY headboard ideas that are stylish and homemade

Unless you’re getting your home decor from Walmart, you’ll probably shell out a pretty penny for a good-looking headboard. Instead, consider creating something all your own — it will not only provide your bedroom with a personalized statement piece but also give you the opportunity to show off your craftiness.

These 12 concepts are just some of the many ways you can make your own headboard.

DIY Headboard Ideas

Headboard wall decals

If the only “power tool” you’ve ever operated is an electric toothbrush, perhaps it’s best to opt for something less, uh, involved. Wall decals are about as simple as headboards get. You can find this one at Urban Outfitters, but eBay and Etsy have some cool ones too.

Framed fabric headboard

Framed fabric headboard

Better Homes and Gardens had a foolproof idea for an inexpensive, beautiful headboard: Buy two or three large picture frames from a thrift shop or garage sale, remove the glass and frame a fabric that complements the bedroom décor. Hang them side by side behind the bed.

Fabric headboard

Fabric headboard

This one requires some time and patience, but anyone is capable of making a fabric headboard. AllThingsThrifty.com offers a step-by-step tutorial (with photos!) to guide you through the process.

Door headboard

Refinish an old door for an inexpensive and stylish headboard. Martha Stewart’s tutorial involves trimming, sanding, priming and painting the door, mounting it on the wall and topping it off by nailing on a miltered crown molding. But if you’re looking for something easier, the Dimples and Pigtales blog shows that a door headboard can be as simple as finding a couple of cool doors, removing the loose paint and just setting them up behind the bed.

Upholstered door headboard

This one takes Martha’s simpler door headboard idea to a whole new level. Like Martha’s, this one requires trimming, sanding and painting, but it also involves adding fabric-covered foam to the door’s panels. Note: The tutorial site, Buildipedia.com, considers a handsaw with a miter box a “basic DIY tool.” If you do not, or if you have no freaking clue what a miter box even is, this project is probably not for you. If you can handle the challenge, though, it really does make for one gorgeous headboard.

Bench cushion headboard

If you’re looking for a headboard that’s cheap, doesn’t involve using power tools or paint, and isn’t a wall decal, this one’s for you. All you need is a bench cushion, some buttons, ribbon and some over-door molding you can find at a home center — plus the nails and hammer to hang it above the bed. No upholstering required!

Painted tile headboard

For the DIY amateur: The Sometimes On A Tuesday blog shows how you can buy Styrofoam ceiling tiles for about $20, paint them the color of your choosing and attach them to the wall with sticky adhesive squares. Though we love this concept, we’re concerned about how well Styrofoam will hold up with everyday use, so it might be a good idea to consider using tin ceiling tiles instead.

Headboard from old shutters

Put the power tools away. All you need for this headboard is shutters and maybe some paint. Maya at Completely-Coastal.com simply propped them up against the wall, but we’d recommend grabbing some nails and a hammer and securely hanging them behind the bed.

Oversized woven headboard

In a stroke of creative genius, Jessica at MadInCrafts.com had the idea to weave vertical blinds across a handmade wooden frame — and attach hand-painted lamps to the top of it. This project can seem a little overwhelming, but the step-by-step photos help guide you through the entire process.

Patchwork headboard

For the pattern-obsessed, check out this patchwork headboard project from Better Homes & Gardens. Like the other fabric headboards, you’ll need foam, wood and fabric. Don’t be intimidated — the tutorial is actually easier than you’d expect.

Rubber doormat headboard

We’re jealous we’re not creative enough to come up with something like this. The Kara Paslay Designs blog illustrates how cheap rubber doormats can be converted into a ridiculously attractive headboard. All you need to do is spray paint the mats, cut and paint a piece of plywood, attach the mats to the plywood and trim out the piece. We like this even more than the West Elm headboard that inspired it.

Book headboard

For the ultimate bookworm, create a headboard out of books. According to Shelterness.com, all you need is a bunch of hardcover books (all the same size), a piece of wood and nails. Place the open books on the wooden board, and secure them with tiny nails, leaving some pages loose.