14 super creative ways to use Velcro at home

Velcro can do more than keep super-fly shoes on your feet! What about a Velcro jewelry board? Or Velcro storage under your desk? And these are just the tip of the Velcro-Awesomeness iceberg.

Try these 14 uses:

1. Keep remotes in their place

Give remotes a certified home by adding a piece of Velcro to the back. Then put the other side of the strip in a subtle-but-convenient place like under a coffee table or inside drawers. This will also help all members of the house to know where the remotes go when they’re tidying up.

2. Store external hard drives under your desk

Sticky back Velcro is one of the great secrets to de-cluttering your tech life. With this stuff, the bottom of tables and desks becomes a storage area. With sticky back Velcro like this, you can attach your external hard drives to the bottom of your desk for easy, yet discreet access.

3. Secure cushions to outdoor furniture

Tired of picking up your cushions from your neighbors lawn after a storm? Use Velcro to affix the cushions to the seats.

4. Make a no-slip rug

You can go for some sticky back Velcro for $4 or a no-slip rug mat for $25. The trade-off is losing the cushion of a mat, but a few small pieces of Velcro in each corner of a rug will set you right up for no-slip success.

5. Organize jewelry

Create a jewelry board with a pop of color with Velcro. They talk more about it on their blog.

6. Quick fix for your clothes

If you’re looking to fix a broken zipper in seconds or seal up a backless top before dinner with the parents, Velcro is your answer. Keep some Velcro in the junk drawer for situations when you don’t have the time or energy for a needle-and-thread fix.

7. Create a car GPS in seconds

Forget those expensive built-in navigators, or even phone stands for your dash. All you need is a piece of Velcro — one side attached to your dash and the other to your phone. Tip: Affix the softer side of the Velcro to your phone case — it’ll make it more secure.

8. Hang a smoke detector

Set up a smoke detector somewhere in your cement garage or brick hallway without wasting floor or counter space. Use a Velcro strip to take advantage of walls that you can’t normally drill.

9. Hang battery-operated lights

Avoid the ugly cords and use Velcro to affix battery-operated lights to the wall. Note: This won’t work for heavier lights, and we recommend using the heavy-duty Velcro strips for this one regardless.

10. Secure fragile items to tables or desks

Secure fragile or important items to your bedside table so you don’t accidently break a family heirloom while you’re trying to hit the snooze button.

11. Attach your lens cap to your camera

A small piece of Velcro on the bottom of your camera or somewhere out of the way will reduce the risk of losing your lens cap when you’re acting fast.

12. Store seasonings on the inside of cabinets

Attaching seasoning shakers to the inside of kitchen cabinets with Velcro will give you mad kitchen space-saving points.

13. De-pill a sweater

Lightly run the hook side (that’s the rougher side) of Velcro across a sweater and the hooks will attach to the pills. You may have to do this a couple times, and if that doesn’t work, try a razor instead!

14. Affix a flashlight to your bedside table

In case of a power outage, you can secure a small flashlight to an out-of-sight spot in your bedside table. This way you’ll know where to go if the lights go out.