apartment-friendly workout gear

15 apartment-friendly pieces of exercise equipment you can actually fit through the door

Having apartment issues? Like, serious “I spend-my-whole-paycheck-to-rent-this-tight-space-and-can’t-afford-a-gym-membership” type issues? You’re not alone.

Don’t think that you can’t work out at home in your small apartment; you just need to be a bit creative. Luckily, there are many ways to exercise in your apartment, and there just so happens to be a bunch of exercise equipment you could actually squeeze into it. Here are our favorites:

1. Adjustable dumbbells

Want to change up your weight training with different weight but don’t want to keep a pile of dumbbells in your closet? Adjustable dumbbells are the answer. The BowFlex SelectTech 52.5 lb dumbbell set replaces 15 sets of weights and allows you to adjust them from 5 lbs to 52.5 lbs as you gradually increase your strength.

2. Resistance bands

Tone up and get sweaty with resistance bands. They easily stow away into a drawer and are very cheap, so there are no excuses.

3. Pull-up bars in doorway

Work your shoulders, back, arms, abs and core with a single pull up attached to your door frame. Pull-up bars are cheap and effective!

4. Rebounder

Trampoline exercises — or rebounding — are not only super fun (we loved this class) but it is a low-impact full-body workout that’s nice and quiet so you won’t upset your cranky neighbors. Best of all, just remove the legs and shove it underneath your bed when it’s not in use. Just make sure your ceiling is about 13.8 inches high!

5. Mini cycle

Pedal while you’re watching TV or working at the mini office you created in your studio apartment. A mini cycle will raise your heart rate, burn some calories and keep the circulation flowing. Put it on the table or desk for a good arm workout.

6. Mini elliptical

Hey, check it out — that big clunky piece of workout equipment that you love at the gym comes in a mini version! There are so many brands to choose from, but all are lightweight and portable. So keep one in front of your TV at home and at your office.

7. Adjustable kettlebells

We all know how awesome a kettlebell workout can be. Instead of piling up a bunch of kettlebells in the corner of your apartment, buy one that packs a variety of weight settings like the PowerBlock KettleBlock 40 or Fitness Gear Adjustable Kettlebell.

8. Medicine ball

This small piece of workout gear packs some umph. It may look harmless but after a few overhead presses or ab twists with a six-pounder, you’ll feel it working. There are so many ways to work out with a medicine ball, you’ll work your whole body and never get bored.

9. Ab wheel

You’ve seen the infomercials on these things, but ab wheels are actually very effective in toning your abs and arms. Let’s just hope your apartment is larger enough for you to fully extend your body.

10. Aerobic stepper

Steppers will increase your heart rate without disturbing your neighbors downstairs. Work on your gluts and hamstrings with alternating lunges, or strengthen your chest and back with adjustable position push-ups. Put on your favorite 90s step aerobics tape and get steppin’!

11. Pulley system

Allow gravity to help you get toned. Pulley systems, like the GFlex Pro or CrossCore War Machine Rotational Bodyweight Trainer, are portable and can be hooked up to your doorway or wall.

12. Foldaway treadmill

If you have enough room to whip out a foldable treadmill from your closet, and the money to buy one, go for it. While they may not be as stable as a non-foldable treadmill, you’ll get the workout you want without leaving your apartment.

13. Exercise ball

This versatile piece of exercise equipment can do it all: You can get a full-body workout or target certain areas like arms or legs. You can even get a great cardio session with it. Check out these 23 ways to work out on an exercise ball.

14. Foam roller

Is there anything a foam roller can’t do? Not only is it awesome for muscle recovery, you can use it as a piece of workout gear for stability and strength training. Perform planks, push-ups and wall squats with the foam roller and you’ll feel it tomorrow. Bonus: Use it to massage your muscles post-workout.

15. Go equipment-free

When all else fails, use your own body weight. You can work your whole body, whether it’s flexibility, strength or cardio, without any equipment. Good old planks, burpess, squats and Warrior I pose will do your body some good.