Fruity Summer Striped Ice Cubes made in ice cube trays

15 creative ways to use your ice cube trays

Tired of the monotony that is the plain ice cube made of been-there-done-that tap water? Well turn that faucet off, because we’ve got 15 ingenious uses for your ice cube trays.

1. Fruity Summer Striped Ice Cubes

Photo: Oh Joy!

Not only are these refreshing snacks a work of art, they’re also super healthy and delish. Oh Joy! layers pre-made juices, smoothies and/or coconut milk in ice cube trays to create these frozen treats

2. Freeze Leftover Herbs

Photo: Organic Gardening

Preserve your herbs by freezing them in ice cube trays. Get directions from Organic Gardening.

3. Ice Cube Tray as Sundae Bar

If you’re serving ice cream to your guests, look no further than your common ice cube tray to hold all the toppings. Real Simple recommends throwing cherries, sprinkles, crushed nuts, etc. into each mold.

4. Ice Cube Tray Crayons

Photo: The Chaos and the Clutter

A perfect crafty project for your kids — or for you on a rainy day — these marbled DIY crayons from The Chaos and the Clutter are made, you guessed it, right in your ice cube tray. Simply break up some crayons into small pieces, place them into the individual molds and throw it in the microwave for a few minutes (check on it often and make sure the tray is microwave safe). Once melted, throw ’em in the freezer and you’re done.

5. Ice Cube Tray Chocolate Covered Cheesecakes

Photo: DAMY Health

Sometimes you need just a teeny tiny dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth. Enter ice cube cheesecakes from DAMY Health. Made with non-fat plain Greek yogurt, light cream cheese, Stevia (you can also use agave, honey or maple syrup) and vanilla extract, these little gems won’t wreck your waistline. The website also provides a vegan recipe.

6. Iced Coffee Cubes

For the best iced coffee ever, freeze the coffee in ice cube trays so your drink doesn’t get diluted by traditional ice. Get directions from The Hazel Bloom.

7. Bath Fizzies

Martha’s at it again with these DIY bath fizzies. Use a flexible silicone tray, which makes it easier to slide the cubes out without breaking. Get the directions on

8. Mint Infused Ice Cubes

Adding mint to a glass of water is pretty much one of the most refreshing things you can consume on a hot summer day. Add it straight to your ice, like 17 Apart did, and you’ve got the recipe for total summer relaxation.

9. Cookie Dough Portion Control

Blessed with leftover cookie dough? Fooducate recommends freezing it in ice cube trays for perfectly portioned cookies any time you’re in the mood to heat up the oven.

10. Raspberry Puree Ice Cubes

Tempt your taste buds with raspberry ice cubes from The Space Between. The puree is made with fresh raspberries and a touch of cranberry juice.

11. Edible Flower Ice Cubes

All you’ll need for these icy beauties from The View from Great Island are fresh-picked, pesticide-free edible blossoms and distilled water. Your drink never looked this good.

12. Ice Cube Tray Mini Fruit Popsicles

If you’re craving an ice pop but don’t want the added sugar, make your own version, like this one from Tastes Better From Scratch, which uses a banana, strawberries and juice.

13. Vanilla Ice Cubes

Oh My Veggies recommends using these vanilla ice cubes — which are made with almond milk, sugar and vanilla — in iced coffee, tea, chai or even lemonade.

14. Frozen Hot Chocolate Ice Cubes

You had us at Frozen. Hot. Chocolate. Add these sugar-free, vegan ice cubes to any kind of milk you fancy and you’ll be in chocolate heaven. Get the recipe from Family Fresh Cooking.

15. Freeze Leftover Wine

If you’ve got some leftover wine, try freezing it in ice cube trays for cooking later, like The Art of Doing Stuff did.