17 unbelievably delicious ways to make a stuffed avocado

17 unbelievably delicious ways to make a stuffed avocado

Among the 2,892 reasons we love stuffed avocados is No. 987: You can use the empty hole where the pit used to be as a bowl for more incredible food. Or — perhaps even better! — you can scoop out the avocado flesh, chop it up, mix it with other yummy ingredients and stuff the avocado skins with the whole shebang!

From BLT stuffed avocados to baked avocado salsa, we present to you 17 recipes that will change the way you eat the best fruit in the world.

1. BLT stuffed avocado

BLT’s were always missing something: an A. Instead of using bread as the foundation for a BLT sandwich, this recipe from Farmgirl Gourmet uses avocado halves, stuffing them with a mix of cubed rustic bread, tomato, spinach, bacon and mayo.

2. Buffalo chickpea-bella baked avocado

Hellooooo, Meatless Monday! This stuffed avocado from Spa Bettie has a kick, thanks to some buffalo sauce that’s combined with chickpeas, Portobello mushrooms, shallots and — drum roll, please — goat cheese. It actually uses vegan goat cheese, but obviously you can use whatever goat cheese you darn well choose.

3. Avocado with poached eggs

In case you love avocado slices with your fried eggs like we do, prepare yourself! We’re about to blow your mind: Avocado slices are for avocado amateurs. Real avocado eaters put the egg INSIDE the avocado and sprinkle some cayenne, salt and cilantro chutney on top. Boom.

4. Avocado with smoky lentils

How does dinner in 20 minutes sound to you? That’s what we thought. These avocados are stuffed with a mixture of lentils and a homemade tomato sauce — and they only take two minutes of prep and 18 minutes of cooking.

5. Shrimp and scallop ceviche stuffed avocados

Oh how we love avocado and seafood together! (Sidenote: Next time you make gazpacho, top it with some crabmeat and avocado chunks — OM.) This recipe for shrimp and scallop ceviche-stuffed avocados from Foodie Crush includes a creative twist (besides the fact that it’s ceviche INSIDE an avocado): pomegranate. Not only does it add some beautiful color, but that tart crunch also perfectly complements the mild, creamy shellfish.

6. Baked avocado salsa

Salsa shouldn’t be served in a bowl, silly! You bake it — with breadcrumbs, garlic, Parmesan, basil, lemon juice, salt and pepper — in an avocado.

7. Avocado with strawberry salsa

For a summer twist on typical salsa, use strawberries, lime juice, mint, green onions and jalapenos instead — stuffed inside an avocado, of course.

8. Full-belly stuffed and baked avocado

This one’s for you, sriracha lovers (and anyone who loves topping a dish with a nice spicy, creamy sauce)! This recipe from Food52 makes us drool every time we see it. It calls for scooping out the whole avocado, chopping it up, mixing it in a bowl with feta and onion, and filling the avocado skins back up with the mix. Bake it, and then top it with a homemade sauce — mayo, sriracha and lemon juice — and homemade croutons. Mmmm mm!

9. Avocado with chicken, almonds and mango

If you’re looking for a refreshing summer salad, look no further than this recipe from The Ravenous Couple. Each avocado half is stuffed with a mixture of chicken breast, ginger, shallots, sliced radish, fish sauce (don’t be scared!), almonds, mango, parsley, mint, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper.

10. Black bean avocado boats

Another great summer salad recipe, this one from Flourishing Foodie: black beans, cherry tomatoes, mango, red pepper, shallot, limejuice, olive oil, veggie bacon (or pork or turkey bacon for the omnivores), salt and pepper. Salads just don’t get more colorful than this.

11. Chili grilled avocados with toasted jalapeno breadcrumbs

The fact that it took us this long to realize chili should be served in an avocado is shameful. This recipe from AvocadoCentral.com — which is packed with insanely amazing avocado recipes, by the way — stuffs creamy avocados with slow-simmered homemade beef chili and tops it all with jalapeno breadcrumbs.

12. Avocado and roasted yam fall ensalada

Avocados are typically harvested between spring and fall, which means — even if you’re trying to eat seasonally — avocados aren’t limited to summer dishes. This avocado and roasted yam fall ensalada from Muy Bueno Cookbook combines toasted pepitas (aka pumpkin seeds), corn, yam, red onion, cilantro, Serrano chile, apple, chopped avocado and lime juice, and — oh, yes! — stuffs all of it into avocado skins to serve.

13. Cilantro-lime jalapeno chicken salad in avocado

For those of you who have not yet tried chicken salad inside an avocado: Have we taught you NOTHING?? We’ll forgive you if you try this super tasty chicken salad stuffed avocado recipe from Daily Crave. It uses chicken breasts, jalapeno, cilantro, lime juice, red onion, Dijon mustard, mayo and, of course, avocado. However, we recommend subbing plain nonfat yogurt for the mayo for a healthier meal.

14. Avocado, bacon and balsamic

Definitely the easiest one on the list, this bacon and balsamic avocado recipe from Cook Eat Paleo may seem unusual, but don’t knock it ’til you try it. It’s simply an avocado half sprinkled with chopped bacon, balsamic vinegar and sea salt — and it makes for an incredibly satisfying snack!

15. Deviled avocado cado-crunch salad with spicy curry sauce

If we actually have to sell you on this one after you’ve seen the above photo, something’s wrong with you. Regardless, here’s what you’re looking at: It’s an avocado crunch salad (mashed avocado, diced apple, sweet onion, raisins, hemp seeds, lemon juice and black pepper) topped with a “bold spicy sweet curry sauce” (maple syrup, tahini, hot curry powder or muchi curry, lemon juice and cayenne). Drooling now?

16. Peruvian stuffed avocado

Quinoa and avocados — two of our favorite things! These Peruvian stuffed avocados consist of a quinoa salad (made of quinoa, corn, tomato, sweet potatoes and red onion) with a lime-jalapeno dressing. It’s packed with healthy vitamins and is suitable for omnivores, vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free eaters.

17. Grilled avocados with herbs and cherry tomatoes

For an easy and nutritious meal (or snack!), try this recipe from Chimera Obscura. All you gotta do is grill the avocados (which is unbelievable by the way, in case you haven’t tried it), and top them with a mix of herbs, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, lemon juice, salt and pepper.