lays flavor list suggestions

The worst 20 Lays flavor list suggestions in Lay’s ‘Do Us A Flavor’ challenge

For every consumer that takes Lay’s “Do Us A Flavor” contest seriously, there’s one that does not — or overthinks it and comes up with something absolutely repulsive. Starting in January, Lay’s asked fans to submit their next great potato-chip flavor idea at for the chance to win $1 million.

While some of the submissions made us drool — are we the only ones who voted for Bloody Mary-flavored chips? — others, well, did not. These 20 took the cake.

1. Haggis and Watermelon

If you can’t have the real thing in the United States, why not at least enjoy its flavor — combined, of course, with watermelon — on a potato chip?

2. Diet Mountain Dew

The terrible taste and bad-for-you nutritional profile, but without the caffeine that made you hate-chug Diet Mountain Dew in the first place. 

3. Benedict Cumberbatch 

On second thought, this one might sell.

4. Doritos

You can’t blame Chris for choosing a bad flavor.

5. Eminem’s Mother’s Spaghetti

Admit it: You’d try it out of curiosity.

6. Gorgonzola, Wasabi & Saffron

Obvious choice.

7. Green Juice

Really?? You love the taste of green juices so much that you wish your calorie- and fat-laden foods tasted the same way? Lies!

8. Milk Steak & Jellybeans

Maybe if you were drunk? Like, really, really drunk?

9. Onion and Banana Juice

Gotta try this in smoothie form.

10. Ped Egg Shavings

We chose this one simply for the gross factor of “Ped Egg Shavings” next to its perfectly chosen image, but “Old Book Smell” sounds all kinds of awful too.

11. Pickles and Ice Cream

There might be a niche market for this.

12. Pusha T’s Braids

A+ for randomness. 

13. Roasted Kale

Or … just a thought … you could actually eat roasted kale for way less calories, fat and additives. 

14. Roller Derby Gear Bag

Hope you like your chips salty.

15. Seriously Just a Bag of Pot

They’d sell like space-cakes. 

16. Surprise

The creator says, “For those more adventurous types, here’s a fun game. Grab a bag of surprise potato chips and see which flavor you get!” Judging from the flavor suggestions we’ve seen in the past hour of browsing Lay’s site, there’s no way in hell we’d trust one of these chips.

17. Teen Angst

Best eaten while listening to Dashboard Confessional.

18. Toenail Fungus

Should have chosen green for the packaging.

19. Toothpaste and Orange Juice

Breakfast of champions. 

20. Unicorn Meat

This one might actually keep kids out of the snack aisle.