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25 Marylander-approved ways to put Old Bay in your food

Old Bay is every Marylanders’ sriracha — we put it on everything. The best way to get your Old Bay fix, obviously, is on top of a heaping bushel of blue crabs, but the seasoning can add some delicious Chesapeake Bay zing to just about anything. We asked Marylanders for their personal preferences, which included everything from french fries and popcorn to pizza, edamame and corn on the cob — even mac ‘n cheese!

Below, we share their responses — paired with some yummy, complementary recipes from around the Web — so you can enjoy the herb-and-spice blend all year long, like a true Marylander.

1. “Popcorn”

Sweet C’s Designs’ crab corn

This “crab corn” from Sweet C’s Designs adds some awesome flavor to popcorn with just some butter, olive oil, Old Bay, sugar and garlic powder. 

2. “Any soup”

iVillage’s summer sweet corn soup

Sprinkle some Old Bay on top of soup for some extra flavor. We recommend sticking with mostly creamy soups — like this summer sweet corn soup with lump crab, from iVillage — but we imagine stirring some Old Bay into your gazpacho would satisfy your taste buds as well.

3. “Pasta with a cream sauce”

A Teaspoon of Happiness’ shrimp scampi

For whatever reason, Old Bay pairs well with creamy dishes — even pasta. The Old Bay website offers a recipe for creamy shrimp pasta, but if you’re looking for something a little lighter, try this Old Bay shrimp scampi from A Teaspoon of Happiness.

4. “French fries”

Ally’s Kitchen’s Old Bay tater skin crispies

Every Marylander knows that french fries aren’t complete without a bit of Old Bay. Make your own with this recipe for Old Bay tater skin crispies from Ally’s Kitchen.

5. “Grilled chicken”

Fork To Cork’s Old Bay grilled chicken

Seafood isn’t the only protein Old Bay works wonders with. Make a tasty marinade for grilled chicken with this recipe from Fork To Cork. 

6. “Fried chicken”

The only thing that can make fried chicken better is a tablespoon of Old Bay. Follow this recipe from Tide & Thyme for some mouthwatering Maryland fried chicken. 

7. “Mix it with breadcrumbs and coat chicken wings with it”

Simply Recipes’ Old Bay chicken wings

This recipe from Simply Recipes doesn’t use breadcrumbs, but it still makes some fingerlickin’ good wings.  

8. “Dry rub for ribs”’s dry rub for barbecued ribs

Give pork some Chesapeake flavor with this dry rub from 

9. “Potato chips”

Girl Likes To Eat’s homemade Old Bay potato chips

Herr’s already makes Old Bay potato chips, but you can make your own at home with this recipe from Girl Likes To Eat. 

10. “Mac ‘n cheese”

Chow’s Maryland-style mac ‘n cheese

Don’t knock it ‘til you try it. Check out this Maryland-style mac ‘n cheese recipe from Chow.

11. “Deviled eggs”

Martha Stewart’s Old Bay deviled eggs

Old Bay gives traditional deviled eggs a kick in this Martha Stewart recipe. 

12. “Bloody Mary”

You haven’t had a real Bloody Mary until the rim has been seasoned with Old Bay. It’s the only way to go. If you want to take the Old Bay flavor up a notch, try this With Food & Love recipe for spicy Old Bay Bloodys with rosemary-infused vodka. Or add an Old Bay pickle!

13. “Corn on the cob”

The Healthy Hostess’ Old Bay seasoned corn on the cob

If you can’t get Chesapeake Bay blue crabs this summer, at least give your corn the blue-crab treatment. 

14. “Eggs of all kinds”

You’ll find Old Bay on omelets in restaurants around Maryland, but you can get the same effect with your homemade frittata by following this recipe from the Daily Deelight. 

15. “Sauteed squash”


Sprinkle some Old Bay on your sautéed squash or try this Old Bay squash casserole recipe from 

16. “Cucumbers”

Bare It All Fitness’ Old Bay cucumbers

A little Old Bay, white vinegar and sea salt on sliced cucumbers go a long way. Bare It All Fitness uses the combo for her go-to summertime snack. 

17. “Any potato product”

Even mashed potatoes! Try this recipe from Cole’s Café.

18. “Broccoli”

Empowered Sustenance’s roasted broccoli

Seriously. Try it. Side dishes don’t get simpler than this roasted broccoli with Old Bay from Empowered Sustenance. 

19. “Edamame”

Kid Can Eat’s crispy “Old Bay” edamame

All you need for this recipe from Kid Can Eat! is edamame, olive oil and Old Bay. 

20. “Shrimp”

Love Feast Table’s shrimp with Old Bay

OK, so it’s an obvious one, but we had to include it. Try these Baltimore-style shrimp from Love Feast Table. 

21. “Egg salad,” “shrimp salad,” “chicken salad,” “tuna salad,” “potato salad”

Southern Living’s Old Bay shrimp salad

It’s no surprise that Old Bay works with shrimp salad — like this one from Southern Living — but it’s great with just about any mayo-based “salad,” including egg, chicken, tuna and potato.  

22. “Lentils”

I Eat Food’s Old Bay lentil soup

Warm up during the colder months with this hearty Old Bay lentil soup from I Eat Food.

23. “Cole slaw”

Coconut & Lime’s Baltimore cole slaw

All it takes for an awesomely seasoned cole slaw is Old Bay, celery seed and ground jalapeno. Try this recipe from Coconut & Lime.

24. “Biscuits”

All Recipes’ cheddar bay biscuits

These cheddar bay biscuits from give Red Lobsters’ cheesy biscuits a run for their money. 

25. “Oysters”

Food Republic’s oyster sliders

These incredible oyster sliders from Food Republic are slathered with a homemade Old Bay mayo.