deep clean your bathroom tiles

Deep clean your bath shower tiles with these 3 foolproof ways

For most of my adult life, I have lived in apartments with all-white prefabricated showers. The great thing about them is that you can easily see the grime, and they’re not all that hard to clean. 

So when my fiancé and I moved into our brand-new home this spring, I was ecstatic about the beautiful tile that surrounded our shower — it looked crisp, clean and modern. Much to my surprise, however, noticing the “ew” factor wasn’t as easy. I admittedly let the shower go too long before I cleaned it because I just didn’t see the ickiness the way I did before. 

Of course, then the question became: What should I clean the shower tiles with, and how can I cut through the buildup of scum?

Here are three HellaWella-tested ways to deep-clean your shower tiles to keep your bathroom looking pristine: 

1. Use good ol’ white vinegar

Don’t underestimate this all-purpose cleaner for cleaning grout. Using a hard-bristle toothbrush, the undiluted vinegar easily removes any stains from the lines between your gorgeous tiles. 

2. Use a carpet cleaner. 

Try using a carpet cleaner, such as Woolite. Spray it on the grout lines and let it soak for a bit; then use the rougher side of a sponge to scrub, wiping down with a damp towel. 

3. Wipe them down when you shower.

Prevent the buildup before it happens! You’re already in the shower every day — might as well increase your productivity while you’re getting clean. Fill one of these sponges with a mixture of half vinegar, half Dawn dish soap, and keep it in the shower. A quick daily wipe-down while you’re showering will ensure your tiles sparkle 24/7.