5 clever organizational tips to tidy up the laundry room

Very few people actually like to do laundry, but it may be because the laundry room is often in shambles. Imagine if all your laundry tools had a place, and the room was organized and neat — might even make doing the laundry a little more fun. Here are some tips from some very organized bloggers — plus This Old House — to get your laundry room in tip-top shape.

Clean it up

Photo: This Old House

This laundry room from This Old House was built specifically to blend in with the other rooms nearby. The clean, white space brings in an earthy touch with the baskets, while the clear glass jars for laundry soap and dryer sheets add a handy (you can see everything!) and polished touch.

Built-in shelving

Photo: I Heart Organizing

Another laundry room with built-in shelving over the washer and dryer — clearly a convenient touch that adds a spot to fold clothes and store needed items. Seen on the I Heart Organizing blog, the closed cabinets here tuck everything away, and the hanging rod is essential for drying delicates or hanging crisp shirts after ironing.

Basket case

Photo: Eat Sleep Decorate

Many people have wire shelving in their laundry rooms, which can be tough to deal with when bottles tip over. The solution? Colorful baskets that keep all the supplies upright. At Eat Sleep Decorate, clothespins are used to hold labels on each basket — a fitting touch for the laundry closet.

DIY clothing rack

Photo: Centsational Girl

Build your own clothing rack from the Centsational Girl blog. With a few dowel rods and doorknobs, you can create a spot to hang wet delicates or leave shirts on hangers when they’ve just been ironed.

Bookshelf help

Photo: As Jules is Going

Finally, use a bookshelf, or create one of your own, that’s perfectly sized for several laundry baskets — like this one from As Jules is Going. Here, you can separate towels and sheets from the rest of your laundry and even teach the kids how to separate lights from darks.