5 clever ways to add a personal touch to any room

Do you rent an apartment that has strict guidelines for what you can and can’t change in the rooms? Do you have roommates and have to share their furniture? Do your current finances prevent you from doing a complete home makeover?

Don’t worry; there are still ways for you to own your space and express yourself. Here are five examples. 

1. Incorporate boxes and cubes

Photo source: ThisOldHouse.com

Adding boxes to your walls is a great way for the indecisive designer to express herself. If you’ve ever finished designing your room only to start daydreaming over next season’s fads, these flexible pieces are for you.

Let’s say safari decor is in style. Fill the cubbies with small elephant statuettes and pith helmets. During Halloween, you can fill them with skulls and spiderwebs. This way you can keep changing up the design by finding a lot of little things — while not breaking the bank.

Using multiple cubbies can also be fun if you have roommates. Each person gets to claim a space and decorate it however he or she wants. Your home will have snapshots of what each person likes or thinks is important. 

2. Buy a simple, clear vase

Photo source: InThePinkBlog.com

Wait, this article was supposed to be about adding personal touches. What’s personal about a boring vase?

It’s not about the vase; it’s about what’s inside it.

Like the cubes, this is another way for you to make a statement about yourself that changes throughout the year. Fill the vase with leaves, acorns and pinecones in the fall and then with flowers during the spring. Get some peacock feathers and place them in the vase to add height to the room. Challenge yourself to change the vase once a month to a different theme, style or seasonal event.

Buying flexible home accessories lets you express yourself over and over throughout the year.  

3. Statement furniture 

Photo source: OneKingsLane.com

Statement furniture used to be for your grandma’s house. Whenever you would visit, you would always see that small, delicate looking chair that you were just dying to sit in. That furniture was for looking, not for sitting.

Statement furniture has evolved into a staple of younger generations. It’s also ideal for apartment dwellers who want to add more but don’t have the space for it. This piece of unique furniture is meant to draw the eye of whomever enters the room. As such, it should be something that sets the tone for the room and perfectly represents your personality. You want your friends to walk into the room and say, “Look at this chair! It is SO you! Where did you get it?” That is a statement piece. 

4. DIY accent wall

Photo source: BenjaminMoore.com

Just because you can’t paint your apartment, doesn’t mean you can’t have an accent wall. Pick a color and find wall stickers, posters and prints that match it. You don’t have to cover every inch of white space, but add enough so that there’s no mistake about what color the wall is supposed to be.

Not only does this add the same depth and visual appeal as an accent wall, but it also makes decorating easier. The eye will immediately go to that wall, which takes the pressure off of you to fill up the other three walls.

Plus, all the posters and decorations together will keep visitors looking at it as if they’re studying a large painting in a museum. 

5. Collect your memories

Photo source: FlourishAndHope.com

Buying a corkboard or large frame and building on it will slowly add your story to your home. If you traveled somewhere during the year, add a postcard and your plane ticket. If you went to a concert, add the ticket and a photo.

As the year goes on, the board will fill with memories of what you’ve done. It’s a sweet way to look back on the past 12 months. Also, when people come over, it serves as a great conversation starter.

Don’t let your house limit your ability to have a home. Even if you have restrictions, there are still simple, cheap ways to incorporate your personality to the decor. Hopefully these tips motivated you to go out and reclaim your living space!