5 easy ways to organize your gadget cords

Thanks to your smartphone, tablets, eReader, old-school alarm clock and computer, your nightstand — among other places in your home — are all-too cluttered with cords.

Here are a few places where cords can get out of control, and ideas to keep your them organized, free from tangles or neatly tucked out of site.

1. Put a power strip inside your bedside table. Apartmenttherapy.com suggests drilling a hole through the back of the drawer to slip the power strip cord through, then store your electronics neatly inside the drawer where they can charge in secret.

2. Cords inevitably pile up and get tangled on your desktop. Try hanging a wire basket from the underside of the desk, and store a power strip there, where cords from your computer, table lamp and other electronics can easily reach it. Or, take a decorative cardboard box and place dividers inside, one slot for each appliance. Then create a hole for each divider so the cords can run outside the back of the box where no one will ever see. Another trick: self-adhesive cord clips. Purchase a package of six for $8 from Containerstore.com.

3. The entryway table gets a lot of abuse, due to clutter from cellphones, iPods and other gadgets. Jen from Iheartorganizing.blogspot.com suggests using a pretty basket to divide your necessities so they won’t end up in a jumbled pile.

4. Need help remembering which cord goes to the TV versus your Blu-ray player or Wii? Wholeliving.com came up with a DIY project using plastic bread bag tags. Use a permanent marker to mark each tag for each appliance; then slip them over the cord near the plug.

5. To keep your cords from getting lost in your bag or briefcase, try a Cord Taco from Thegadgetflow.com. They neatly wrap around your cords, keeping them secure while you’re on the go. (Five Cord Tacos are $25.)