healthy vegan hangover foods

7 vegetarian and vegan hangover foods

Hangovers can strike anyone, from hardcore drinkers who push their tolerance to epic levels to once-in-a-while drinkers who get buzzed after three glasses of pinot. Some hangover sufferers may even experience the debilitating two-day hangover. At any rate, the telltale headache and sour stomach — even when not accompanied by the pukes — is enough to make the afflicted seek out relief in their fridges.

Ah, palliative hangover food, almost-always-greasy friend to the masses who have indulged in a few too many. Consumed to coat our bellies and get us through those first few hours that threaten us with painful dry heaves and make us wonder whether we will be worshiping at the base of the porcelain god while vowing “never again.”

The thing is, many of you reach for that greasy burger or that greasy scrambled-eggs platter that’s heavy on the sausage and bacon, and not everyone can do that. No, friends, vegetarians and vegans get drunk, too. Sometimes they even end up in their bathtubs, tangled in their clothing, begging for someone to turn on the cold water. Not that we’d know anything about that. But what we do know is about vegetarian and vegan hangover food that will settle that icky tummy.


You feel like poo because you’re dehydrated. So ideally before you crash in bed, have some water. If you wake up in the middle of the night, likely wondering how you got to bed and why you’re wearing one shoe and a sweater, get up and have some water. And when you finally emerge from your slumber for the day, very likely doing the zombie shuffle, have some more.

Depending on the severity of your hangover you may well feel like even just a few sips of water will make you puke. Well, go on. Get it out of the way. You will probably feel better. Just be thankful that you made it to the toilet rather than your poor potted plant in the middle of the night while you are still in the stupor. But when you’re done being sick, rinse out that mouth and — you guessed it — have some more water.

Drink some coconut water

Not coconut milk, OK? Otherwise, blech. According to Men’s Fitness, one carton of coconut water has more potassium than a banana, and potassium is essential to making you feel better faster. Who knew? Bonus: It’s vegan-friendly.

Have a banana

A no-brainer here since bananas are rich in potassium, so having a banana will make you feel better for the same reason drinking some coconut water will help you get over your hangover. Ideal for those who don’t like coconuts or are allergic to them. Bonus: Vegan-approved.

All the tater tots

Grease being the key to comfort, it should come as no surprise that indulging in some tater tots will make hungover vegetarians feel better. Vegans who feel left out of the tater-tot party can check out this recipe.

Scrambled eggs

Vegetarians who manage to shuffle into their kitchens should whip up some scrambled eggs and throw some cheddar cheese in there. It doesn’t have to look pretty. Pair your greasy breakfast with some toast. Toast almost always helps to soothe queasy stomachs.

Tofu scramble

Scrambled eggs are out of the question for vegans, but they can still scramble some tofu. Blisstree suggests adding beans and salsa and wrapping in a tortilla for a vegan breakfast burrito.

Have some mac and cheese

A small bowl of mac and cheese, even the boxed kind, will coat that sour stomach. Cheese anything, really, because it’s protein. You’re hardly going to make some from scratch if you feel like nuclear bombs went off in your stomach and head simultaneously, so if you don’t have the boxed kind, get thee to a diner and order either that or some cheese enchiladas.

Eat a peanut butter and banana sandwich

Slather some smooth peanut butter onto a couple of slices of whole-wheat bread. If you really want to channel your inner Elvis, add some banana slices and — yup! — fry that sucker in a bit of butter. Don’t go crazy now! This is grease to help you deal with your hangover, not your new diet