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The 8 Best Jar Openers for Your Home

Imagine, it’s a leisurely Saturday. You just visited the farmer’s market and your favorite jarred-good merchant was there that day. You finally bought a brand-spanking new jar of corn salsa that you have been thirsting for, to add sweetness and tang atop your next batch of nachos. Dinner plans are now made! Dinnertime rolls around. You turn on the oven. Then, you layer your chips, your cheese, your beans. You warm and melt all that goodness. Lastly, you go to top your hot, cheesy nachos with your new salsa. To your horror, the jar is stuck. You put your whole body into it, feet shoulder width apart, crouched into Crouching Tiger, using all your strength, and the lid still won’t open. You try hitting the lid with the dull end of a knife, you enlist your cat to send hateful energy towards it. No matter what you do, you cannot open this jar on your own and your nachos are salsa-less. And getting cold. Looks like you need the best jar opener out there!

We have all been there. We need a jar opened in a pinch and we cannot pry it open. If you do not have a stronger person than yourself in your household, you may want to get some help in opening your pesky, stubborn jars. Right now, there are hundreds of jar openers out there just a click away from your home. There are two types of jar openers on the market right now; manual or electric. Whether you purchase the former or the latter, materials, durability, and features are all going to be important factors when buying the best jar opener. Below is a buying guide of the manual and electric top best jar openers. 

Below is a Compiled List of the Best Online Jar Openers: 

  1. Prepworks by Progressive Jar Grips Multi-Purpose Lid Openers, Set of 3
Prepworks Lid Openers

Usually, all you need is a firm grip and an anti-slip influence to open a jar perfectly. These Progressive Jar Grips provide a no-slip surface and are made out of rubber. Between yourself and these different-sized grips, you can open virtually any-sized lid. There are 3 different shapes and colors for different-sized jars. The red opener functions for smaller jars and bottles, while the larger green and blue openers can be used for larger, more oddly-shaped jars. Just lay an appropriate-sized lid opener atop your jar, and give it a good twist. The anti-friction cover will allow the jar to open easily! Do not put these in the dishwasher, hand-wash only. You do still need a moderate amount of strength to use these openers, so this opener is not for the arthritic. 

2. Kichwit Jar Opener, Stainless Steel

Kichiwit Stainless Steel Jar Opener

A jar opener that is rust-resistant will have some benefits over time. You can wash it over and over after use and the opener will still be usable. That is exactly what this Kitchiwit Jar Opener is, so it will last along with your other quality gadgets. It is handheld and easy to store, so it will fit easily when storing in a drawer or cabinet. Simply lock the customizable clamp on your jar lid, and twist. The lid comes off with ease up to 3.7-inch diameter lid. While this jar opener opens smaller jars with no problems, this jar opener is unfortunately not for larger jars. Smaller households who buy smaller jars are who should utilize this device. 

3. The Grip Jar Opener 

The Grip Undermount Opener

You can keep a jar opener in plain sight, and no one in your kitchen will be any the wiser. Invented in 1977, the Grip Jar Opener is an under-cabinet appliance that is stuck with industrial-strength adhesive, then screwed into the underside of upper kitchen cabinets for stability. It is virtually invisible and only seen when it needs to be. Simply stick it to a free area of your upper cabinet, and forget it. The Grip uses V-shaped carbon steel teeth to grip any size jar from a soda bottle to a 6-inch pickle jar. Just stick your jar into the tapered opening, allow the Grip to get a firm grasp, and twist. The lid will pop right off.  It can be tricky to clean, due to the Grip being permanent and hard to reach. Beware of the sharp blades as well while using and cleaning! 

4. Leifheit 03131 Extra Wide Stainless-Steel Lid and Jar Opener 

Leifheit Stainless Steel Jar Opener

If you thought the last few jar openers were lacking handles, this Leifheit Extra-Wide Jar Opener is perfect for you. The design is sleek, made fully of Stainless Steel with some black accents. The lid holder is adjustable to open larger jars easily. Simply close the holder down tightly over the lid, then use the handles to twist forward and pop that lid. This opener still gives you the satisfaction as if you opened the lid without any assistance. When done, the Leifheit is top-rack dishwasher safe. While this opener works awesomely for someone with bigger hands, those with smaller hands may find this opener slightly more difficult to grip. 

5. Handupfree Electric Jar Opener 

Electric Jar Opener

This is the only electric jar opener on this list. The Handupfree Electric Jar Opener uses lower “hands” to grip onto the body of the jar with the touch of a button. The upper “hands” grip onto the actual lid while the opener twists and pulls, opening a jar swiftly and effortlessly. All you have to do it set it up, and then sit back and watch! It really is fascinating to see this little machine work, which by the way, works with two double-AA batteries. Again, this model works best on small to medium-sized jars. For people with arthritis, this opener may be your best bet due to its autonomous nature. This opener also exclusively works on glass jars only. 

6. MimiViva Multi-Function Jar Opener 

MimiViva Multi-Function Opener

This manual design is marketed as also suitable for the elderly or people with arthritis. The MimiViva Jar Opener is a tool with four different size grips on one U-shaped tool. It also comes with a bottle opener as well. The entire design has anti-slip coating on it to give great leverage when using. Non-slip handles allow the user to use this tool even with wet hands. This particular jar opener is also small and flat, so you can store away in a drawer very easily. From little hands to big hands, it does not matter who uses this product. For massive jars, this product will be harder to use despite the opener having multiple size options. For an everyday household jar opener, this one is the easiest to use, clean and store.  

7. OXO Good Grips Jar Opener with Base Pad 

OXO Good Grips with Base Pad

OXO is a common household utensil brand. This Y-shaped OXO Good Grips Jar opener does exactly what its name says; it gives you a good grip on your jar! Inside, there is an anti-slip base pad to place beneath your jar. The sleek black handle is for holding, and the Y-shaped side is slid over the jar lid. Flip the tool over and you have a pocket to store the base pad! Just twist and pull the lid away, and done. The OXO is dishwasher safe when you are all done, but the company advises to hand-wash the base pad. Because of the tapered end, most jar sizes will fit this model. Because of the simple handle, most hand sizes will fit this model as well.  It is also slightly bulkier than others, so fitting it inside a small drawer may be difficult.  

8. Swing-A-Way Comfort Grip Jar Opener 

Comfort Grip Opener

Constructed with steel, this Swing-A-Way Comfort Grip Jar Opener is the most comfortable to use of all the designs on this list. Twisting the lever either opens or closes the grip, allowing the size to be adjusted. Pushing down on the lever locks the opener in place, and then a simple twist will open your jar, big or small.  

Two Types of Jar Openers:

Manual Jar Openers 

Manual types of jar openers are much like manual can openers; you will need to lock on the opener in some way to hold the body of the jar stationary, and then use a crank, handle, or lever to twist and remove the jar lid. Manual types are great for someone who wants a little assistance in leverage when opening jars. Some manual openers lock onto the jar and need to be twisted, others will need to be pulled like a lever. There are even some jar openers that are simply an anti-slip piece of material used as traction between your hand and the lid. 

The size of your hands is a big factor in choosing the right manual jar opener for you. Sometimes, those with smaller hands have trouble holding onto a larger lever and lose their grip. The point of a jar opener is to be able to use it, and making sure you have a comfortable grip for your hand size is important. 

Electric Jar Openers 

Electric jar openers are best suited for those with smaller hands, arthritic or elderly people because they take virtually no strength to use. There is typically a lower set of arms that hold the body of the jar tight, while an upper set of arms holds the lid taught and twists automatically. The only effort from the user comes from setting up the jar in the opener correctly. Have you ever watched robot videos on YouTube where you see a fully autonomous machine who completes basic tasks? That is exactly what it is like watching an electric jar opener, which requires no actual manual labor. 

This type of jar opener is much more forgiving on the person using it. Typically, all electric jar openers require two double-AA batteries or plug into a standard outlet. There are less models of electric jar openers on the market, and usually fall into the more expensive category. 

Considerations to Be Made When Choosing a Jar Opener: 


What the jar opener is made out of will determine its lifespan in your kitchen. Is the material rust-resistant? Plan on at least rinsing your manual jar opener after each use with water, which will invite rust to form on any non-resistant surface. Electric openers will also need to be cleaned, but do so as per the package instructions. Is the opener made with rubber? Plastic? Will the materials melt in the hot dishwasher? Make sure you assess your lifestyle and plan on buying a jar opener that is made with materials you are willing to care for. 


Does the jar opener have a lot of components? Can those components potentially be lost when storing or washing? Are there additional trinkets or hard-to-clean areas that may rust easily? Usually a smooth design with not a lot of add-ons will be easiest to manage, however most electric models are more intricate due to their mechanics. 


The weight of a jar opener is a huge factor in comfort of usage. If a jar opener feels too light, it may be composed of cheap materials or may not grip as easily onto your stubborn lid. If a jar opener feels too heavy, you may find it difficult to lift, use, and store.  


Luckily, the prices for jar openers are not astronomical. All household budgets will be able to find the perfect opener. However, typically with household products, you get what you pay for. A stainless steel opener may be slightly more expensive than a plastic one, but it should last much longer. 


If buying a jar opener online, always read the reviews since you are not feeling the opener for yourself. Most reviewers are brutally honest, so you should be able to locate answers you are looking for. 


Living in a small apartment with no storage vs having a full kitchen and pantry would require two different types of jar openers. Storage capacity is important when choosing any kitchen appliance. If you are short on space, you may opt for a small design that can easily be stored in a drawer. Having much kitchen space to spare may allow you to buy a countertop electric model. Gage your storage situation before buying a jar opener. 


If you have weak or arthritic hands, you may automatically gravitate towards the electric type. If you have large hands that just find gripping difficult, a manual opener with a large lever would be a great option for you. Depending on who you are and how able you are will help determine the best opener for you. 

Materials That Are Used For Jar Openers: 

Stainless Steel: Overall, the best and longest-lasting material is stainless steel. Also look for a rust resistant promise on the material used. 

Plastic: Both electric and manual openers are made with plastic, typically on the outer parts of the device. Plastic is easy to clean if smooth and ridge free. 

Rubber: The simplest jar openers are made with anti-slip rubber and lay across the top lid of the jar, lending leverage while twisting. Rubber can also line the levers and handles of more complex manual openers. 

Nothing is as frustrating as wanting to snack on a delicious jarred good, only to find out you cannot get the jar open. If you are home alone, you are out of luck. If you are without appliances to help you open the jar, you are seriously out of luck. You will be crouched down on the kitchen floor, making dad noises, all to no avail. The jar is stuck. But there is a remedy! We have seen today that there are tons of awesome gadgets available for order right now to help you open even the most stubborn jars. You’ll be able to open pickles for your hamburger, capers for your chicken piccata, marinated beets for your goat cheese salad. There will be no jar left unopened. And that is the kind of world that we should strive to live in.