Best Pizza Peel of 2020

All the best pizza makers know the key to getting a pizza correctly in and out of the oven is using the best pizza peels, or as some people might call them, pizza paddles. Every pizza parlor uses a pizza peel to get their raw pizza dough from the prep counter into the pizza oven and then back out again.

Peels can be used on stones or grills, or even with your own at-home residential oven. Pizza paddles are also versatile, and many bakers use them for pastry and bread making as well.

In our guide, we are going to cover the best types of pizza peels to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for an eco-friendly bamboo peel, an easy-to-clean stainless-steel model, or the best peel for mini pizzas, we’ve got you covered.

Best Pizza Peel Overall

The best pizza peel is one that is easy to use, sturdy, durable, and versatile. The Kitchen Supply 12-inch Pizza Peel is the best pizza paddle on the market and a best seller on Amazon. This peel features an aluminum 12-inch wide blade and a solid wood handle. The product is all made in the USA and can be used for many different banking purposes, including bread and pastry making. The handle is 12 inches and is perfect for helping bakers reach the back of the oven without burning their hands or fingers.

Details and Specs:
• 12-inch aluminum blade
• 14-inch all wood handle
• Lightweight, durable, and sturdy
• Can withstand heat up to 800 degrees
• A thin blade that works perfectly for getting under the pizza and other dough

We love this affordable and easy-to-use pizza peel because it is the perfect size for any kitchen, easy to clean with warm water and dish soap, and can meet a variety of needs for many different bakers. This pizza peel is easy to use in an oven, brick oven, or a grill. This pizza peel may be a little difficult to store, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find another paddle that is as sturdy and durable as this one by The Kitchen Supply.

Best Wood Pizza Peel

If you’re looking for the classic wooden pizza peel, The Fiery Chef Bamboo Pizza Peel is an excellent choice for home kitchens. The gourmet pizza paddle features a design inspired by luxury with a 12 x 14-inch blade and an 11-inch handle, which is rubber and detachable. The handle can also be extended up to 22.9 inches long. The paddle is made from eco-friendly bamboo with a smooth finish that will never leave splinters on your hand.

Details and Specs:
• 12 x 14-inch blade
• 22.9 handle
• Foldable and detachable black rubber handle that is heat resistant
• Easy to store and use in any size kitchen or oven
• Made from natural, organic bamboo material that is eco-friendly and easy to clean.
• Finished surface to avoid splintering
• Doesn’t warp, crack, or splinter with proper care
• 6-month guarantee from Fiery Chef

We love this wood pizza peel because it has a professional, high-quality design and is made with high-end materials, especially the heat-resistant rubber handle. The handle can be used short or long to meet the needs of the pizza maker, which adds to its versatility.

Best Eco-Friendly Pizza Peel

The Pizza Royale Premium Bamboo Pizza Peel is an ethically sourced, all-natural pizza peel perfect for cooks and bakers who are passionate about the environment. This paddle is 19.6 x 12 inches but also comes in a kid’s size and extra-large size. Not only can you use this pizza peel for baking pizzas, but it is also perfect for bread, or even using as a serving block for home entertaining.

Details and Specs:
• Easy-grip handle that is sturdy but not too heavy featuring a contoured design for safe and easy food handling.
• Bamboo does not split, crack, or warp when cared for properly!
• Easy to hand wash with warm water.
• 6-month guarantee from Pizza Royale.

We love the bamboo pizza peels because bamboo is an eco-friendly material that won’t leave splinters in your fingers because they don’t crack or warp if they are taken care of properly. Make sure not to let the peel soak in water and just use warm water to clean.

Best Pizza Peel for Mini Pizzas

If you love making mini pizzas, you’ll really love the Aluminum Turning Pizza Peel Paddle by Chicago Brick Oven. We love this mini paddle with a 9-inch blade because the handle is extra-long at 31.5 inches and perfect for keeping kids and adult hands away from the heat of the oven. This Amazon Choice Product offers easy handling and a detachable handle for easy storage.

Details and Specs:
• Long 31.5-inch handle
• 9-inch diameter aluminum blade perfect for mini pizzas
• Sanded wood handle with a smooth finish
• Leather strap for hanging and displaying
• Tapered edge with rounded corners
• Aluminum blade
• Easy to clean with warm water and dish soap

We love this mini pizza peel because it is remarkably durable and sturdy for a small pizza peel. The edges are tapered and rounded, which help the dough stay on the peel, even when kids are baking, and the long handle is great for keeping hands and fingers safe. We also love that the handle is entirely detachable, which provides for easy storage. The leather strap and professional design make this pizza peel an excellent kitchen decoration as well.

Best Pizza Peel for Baking

The Outset QZ10 Stainless Steel Pizza Peel with Rosewood Handle is one of the best pizza peels for baking because of it’s sturdiness and high-quality materials. This pizza peel is made from food service grade stainless steel and features a beautiful rosewood handle that makes taking pizza in and out of the oven easy. The ergonomic design ensures your pizza stays perfectly balanced on the spade so that there’s no risk of the pizza sliding off.

Details and Specs:
• 21 x 7.75 x 8 inches
• 8-inch handle
• Food grade stainless steel
• Beautiful, professional rosewood handle
• Ergonomic design

We love this pizza peel for baking because the rectangular design makes it perfect for removing many different size pastries, bread, baked goods, and pizza from the oven easily and safely. The handle also has a lifted design that helps support the weight of the baked goods or pizzas as you are taking them out of the oven.

Best Metal Pizza Peel

The New Star Foodservice Aluminum Pizza Peel is definitely the best metal pizza peel on the market. Featuring an extra-long 36-inch handle, this metal pizza peel is great for use in restaurants or at home. This pizza paddle will keep your hands far enough away from your commercial oven that you won’t feel the heat at all.

Details and Specs:
• 16 x 18 x 36 with extra-long handle
• Handle tilts up slightly for easy handling
• An aluminum blade that doesn’t need to be seasoned
• Doesn’t absorb odors
• Doesn’t stain or absorb food particles

Cooks and bakers love metal pizza peels because they are so easy to care for. Aluminum pizza peels need to be seasoned, and they don’t stain from food particles. They are also eco-friendly as the blades can be recycled, and the easy-grip handle makes loading and removing the pizzas very easy safe. This pizza peel needs to be washed by hand and features a tapered blade that slides under your pizza without crushing your crust.

Best Affordable Pizza Peel

The Cuisinart CPS-445 3-Piece pizza grilling set is the most affordable pizza peel on our list because of the fantastic deal that customers get when they purchase the kit. Not only is a metal pizza peel included, but the grilling stone and a pizza cut also come with this set making it a great value. The ceramic pizza stone can withstand heat up to 800 degrees and is noted for being able to distribute heat perfectly even throughout the crust.

Details and Specs:
• 13-inch ceramic pizza stone included
• Aluminum blade and handle
• Foldable handle for easy storage
• 11.5-inch handle
• Will not absorb smells
• Does not stain

This affordable pizza peel is the perfect set for home cooking because the stone fits perfectly in residential ovens. The Cuisinart pizza peel handle is also just less than 12 inches long, which makes it easy to handle and maneuver in and out of the oven. The aluminum pizza peel is also very easy to clean by hand with warm water and dish soap.

Pizza Peel Buyers Guide

Pizza is one of America’s most favorite foods, and while pizza peels are used in every pizzeria, not many home cooks know what a pizza peel is. However, buying the perfect pizza peel is the best way to get authentic tasting pizzeria pizza at home.

A pizza peel is a massive paddle-like tool used to maneuver the pizza in and out of the oven without harming the shape or spilling any ingredients. Pizza peels are generally made from wood, metal, or a combination and are also described as a giant spatula. These pizza making tools are used for input and removal of the pizza from the oven but should not be used to cook pizzas on.

Why You Need a Pizza Peel

Home cooks that consider themselves pizza aficionados will have a pizza peel hanging in their kitchen ready to be used. The average cook might not understand how essential a pizza peel is to cook the perfect pizza. Here are some of the reasons why your kitchen needs a pizza peel,

• A pizza peel allows you to pick up the raw pizza dough without changing the shape of the pizza or spilling the ingredients.
• Pizza peels allow you to place the pizza directly into the middle of your pizza oven over the super-hot flames without burning your hands or arms.
• Pizza peels allow you to retrieve the pizza from the grill or oven without having to reach inside the oven.
• Makes turning your pizza inside the oven quick and easy, which reduces charring and burnt spots for even cooking.
• It looks professional hanging in your kitchen.

Making from-scratch pizza can be done without a pizza peel, but if you’re looking to make authentic Italian style pizza at home, you’ll regret not buying one. Pizza peels are the best way to get that crispy, golden crust and savory flavor.

What Size Pizza Peel Do I Need?

Unless you’re cooking giant pizzas, the size of your pizza peel surface doesn’t matter as much as the length of the handle. As long as your pizza will fit inside of your average, home oven, or grill, you can choose a small, medium, or large pizza peel. You’ll want to make sure that the handle of the pizza peel is long enough to safely place pizzas in and remove pizzas from your oven or grill without your hands having to reach inside the oven or over the flame.

Most pizza peels will have either a short handle, which is typically used on the counter for preparation or a long handle, which is used to move the pizza around. While you can use the shorter handle one on the counter then transfer the pizza to the more extended handle pizza peel, this does increase the risk for spilling the pizza or having the toppings move around.

Some of the best pizza peels have extendable handles, which makes them versatile. Long handles are always best when it comes to placing pizzas in and removing them from the oven safely.

Which Pizza Peel is Better, Wood, or Metal?

Everyone will have their own opinion on which is better, a wooden or metal pizza peel, but wood is always the more authentic and aesthetically pleasing choice. If you want to display your pizza peel in your rustic style kitchen, there are many decorative wooden pizza peels to choose from.

Wooden pizza peels are also very versatile because they can be used as a cutting board or food preparation surface. Pizza peels made from wood also make great serving platters for pizza and other foods.

Metal pizza peels have a lot of advantages over wooden pizza peels, however. Metal pizza peels are not at risk for splintering, cracking, or warping when they are exposed to moisture. Metal pizza peels are also fireproof and won’t cause the pizza dough to char, although many people like the charred crust on authentic Italian pizza. Many home cooks find the thinner metal pizza peels better to use because they can slide under the pizza easier and not misshape the dough.

While metal pizza peels may be easier to clean and move your pizza around, they can also be very sticky on the surface, and raw dough could cling to the peel. There are ways to mitigate sticking, however, by using flour or cornmeal to coat the surface before using.

How to Care for Your Pizza Peels

Pizza peels cannot go in the dishwasher, and wood pizza peels need special care so that they won’t crack, warp, or splinter. Pizza peels also need to be used in a specific way so that pizza dough does not stick to the paddle.
• Use flour or cornmeal on the surface of the peel before using
• Make sure you have floured the pizza dough before shaping it on the peel
• Wash with warm water and dish soap by hand. Do not soak the pizza peel and dry as soon as clean.

Pizza peels are easy to take care of overall, whether you choose wood or metal. Wood does require a bit more maintenance, but if you seal the wood and use an oil to keep the wood from drying and cracking, a wood pizza peel can last a very long time and become seasoned over time, which adds to the flavor of the pizza.