From Bloody Marys to butter: 15 seriously amazing sriracha recipes

From Bloody Marys to butter: 15 seriously amazing sriracha recipes

If you’re one of those people who’s always on a constant search for a new way to put sriracha in your food, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re not one of those people, you will be by the time you finish reading this recipe roundup.


Fried egg sandwich with sriracha

Eggs and hot sauce have always been a match made in heaven, but Tokyo Terrace raises the breakfast bar with this fried egg sandwich. It’s your typical egg and cheese breakfast sandwich — only it isn’t. It’s also got spinach — because how often do you get some leafy greens in the morning? — and is drizzled with delicious sriracha chili sauce. We’ll never go back to our old breakfast sandwich again.



Sriracha Bloody Mary

Like breakfast sandwiches, traditional Bloody Marys have been rendered a thing of the past now that we’ve learned to use sriracha instead of Tabasco. Make sure you have some ice-cold water at hand if you choose to pair this Bloody Mary with the sriracha fried egg sandwich.


Sriracha lollipops

“Sugar and spice and everything nice” pretty much sums up these sriracha lollipops from Sprinkle Bakes. The recipe creator says, “It’s just hot enough to make your tongue tingle and has the recognizable flavor of the beloved rooster sauce.”



Lemongrass and sriracha grilled shrimp

Forget burgers and hot dogs. Your next barbecue should have these lemongrass and sriracha grilled shrimp from Rasa Malaysia. The prawns are marinated in a mixture of fish sauce, lemongrass, sugar, sriracha and garlic, then grilled and dipped in chili-calamansi dipping sauce.



Sriracha hummus

Why have none of the hummus manufacturers gotten wind of this trend? They’d make a killing! This sriracha hummus from Budget Bytes costs only $2.37 to make and uses chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, tahini, garlic, salt, cumin and — of course — sriracha.



Baked sriracha potato chips

Snack time just got exciting again. These potato chips from Oh My Veggies are baked with a mixture of peanut oil and sriracha, and sprinkled with salt, for a crunchy, spicy goodness that you’ll find to be dangerously addictive. Make at your own risk.



Sriracha guacamole

Nature Box managed to combine two of our favorite things: avocado and sriracha. This sriracha guacamole uses both mango and avocados, and tastes phenomenal with chips or on top of salmon.



Sriracha lime chicken skillet

One of our go-to easy chicken recipes, this sriracha lime chicken from Gaia Health Blog packs a lot of flavor in each chicken thigh. One tablespoon of sriracha was perfect for us, but those who prefer serious heat will need to add more. Also, our ingredients weren’t all organic and our sea salt wasn’t “pink Himalayan,” and both we and the dish turned out just fine.



Sriracha scallion butter for grilled corn

Whoever wrote “The Sriracha Cookbook” deserves a Pulitzer Prize. Adapted from the cookbook, this sriracha butter from Domestic Fits is heaven in your mouth. (Please refrain from eating it by itself — it deserves fresh grilled corn.)



Skinny sriracha aioli

Why we love aioli: You can put it on anything. And since this is sriracha aioli, we now have another way to put sriracha on anything — and everything. Unlike typical high-fat aiolis made from lots of mayo, this one from The Skinny Fork uses just a little bit of light mayo combined with plain fat-free Greek yogurt. Now go create the best sandwich you’ve ever made!



Zesty honey sriracha grilled chicken wings

You already like your chicken wings hot — why use anything but sriracha to bring the heat? These zesty honey sriracha chicken wings from ZagLeft benefit from two beautifully complementary flavors: the sweet taste of honey and oranges combined with the spicy heat of the sriracha. Grab a summer ale and you’re good to go.



Sriracha salt

This will transform your grilling. Add this sriracha salt — all you need is, yep, sriracha and kosher or sea salt — to veggies or fish before throwing them on the grill. It also makes for a unique and inexpensive gift.



Sriracha sesame ginger popcorn

Sriracha popcorn!!! How excited are you right now?!! Bake Your Day created an intriguing recipe, topping popcorn with a sauce made of butter, olive oil, sriracha, sesame seeds, garlic powder and ground ginger. Easy and insanely addictive!



Watermelon-sriracha sangria

Bet you never thought wine and sriracha in the same glass would be a good idea. But it turns out it’s a VERY good idea. Another one from “The Sriracha Cookbook,” this recipe mixes pureed watermelon and a dry white wine with some rum, sugar, sriracha, ginger ale and limes for a super refreshing summer drink.



Sriracha vinaigrette

Spice up your salad with this recipe from JD Fratzke, the executive chef of The Strip Club Meat + Fish in Saint Paul, Minn. This tomato-chile vinaigrette uses stewed Italian tomatoes (like San Marzanos), roasted garlic, caramelized onions, champagne vinegar, lemon juice, sriracha, sea salt, sugar and canola oil.