Easy snack ideas that actually help your diet

To snack or not to snack? That is the existential question of most dieters and anyone trying to eat healthy without feeling hungry. It’s easy to overdo it, but snacking during the day helps you avoid serious bingeing when mealtime does roll around, the Mayo Clinic points out.

And whether you plan on it or not, you most likely grab a snack at some point during the day: Around 100% of Americans report snacking — maybe the only thing we as a country can all agree on! Make yours count by keeping it small, around 100 to 200 calories, but packed with filling fiber or protein, like these healthy picks that have something for whatever taste you’re craving:



Salty: Enjoy 3 ½ cups of air-popped popcorn for only 100 calories.  



Sweet: Try strawberries on a log: Spread 1 tablespoon of peanut butter on a celery stalk, and top with half a cup of sliced strawberries for a sweet treat with less sugar.


Creamy: Give chips and dip a run for its money. Try dipping 1 cup of baby carrots into a simple tzatziki sauce. Simply mix half a cup of plain yogurt, half of a chopped cucumber and 1 teaspoon of dill for a snack around 200 calories.


Cool: For a refreshing snack in the final days of summer, try slathering two small wedges of spreadable cheese on a sliced cucumber for around 150 calories.



Crunchy: Try making your own pita chips — you can control the amount of oil and salt, making them healthier than the store-bought brands. Preheat the oven to 350. Cut four pitas into eight wedges each and arrange on a baking sheet. Brush with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 2 teaspoons of whatever herbs you like (Italian seasoning, for example) and bake for six to 10 minutes. Enjoy eight chips for 120 calories.