Entryway organization 101

Sneakers, jackets, backpacks, cell phones, lunch boxes, books, MP3 players. Any numbers of these things are at one place at one time in your home — the entryway. But never fear, you can prepare for the inevitable disorganization that everyday life brings to your home. And this year, hopefully, these ideas will help you avoid any kind of entryway chaos.


Much like a locker room, a built-in like this one from Better Homes and Gardens provides a place to hang jackets and bags, store shoes, and stash a plethora of gloves, hats and scarves. Color-coordinated and cheerful, an arrangement like this becomes an attractive mudroom rather than an eyesore.

Piece by piece

If built-ins aren’t really in the cards for your home, try assembling storage areas piece by piece, such as this one from Home Talk. Start with a useful mirror hung on top, then layer on a rail with handy hooks. Follow up with a bench that includes storage (whether the items are out in the open or stashed in sturdy baskets), and you have a place to sit while tying up those sneakers.


If one entry to your home has a completely separate entrance — such as a laundry room — you can turn a section of this room into entryway storage and not worry about tracking in dirt from the yard or clumps of mud from the soccer field. This Southern Living Showcase house from Houzz.com is a great example of how to blend organization in seamlessly with other components in your home.


If all you really need is a place to stash your shoes and bags, try large decorative baskets underneath a console table that is elegantly decorated, like this one from the Amanda Carol At Home blog. This will keep the clutter completely out of sight, and if your console table has drawers built in, you can even hide away your keys, smartphone, etc.


Finally, one of the simplest solutions from the Lookie What I Did blog: Turn a bookcase into a command center for all your stuff. With baskets and hooks, all your items can be stored away, leaving a few shelves for shoes you wear most often. Bring everything together with matching labels and stand this mini-mudroom inside your back entryway or just inside the garage door.