Fun facts about popular New Year’s resolutions [Infographic]

Losing weight might be the No. 1 New Year’s resolution for both men and women, but some people choose a more unusual goal, like “buy my girlfriend a Dodge Ram 1500,” “learn how to roll a joint” or “interrupt others less.” (No judgment here; all the best to you.)

These are just a few of the findings compiled into an infographic by coupon site Tada!, after it polled 3,736 shoppers on their New Year’s resolutions.

Florida was more likely than New York, Illinois, Texas or California to make a New Year’s resolution, and many New Yorkers aim to get out of debt this year. Success rates are, unsurprisingly, slim, with only 5% of people managing to follow through and meet all of their goals.

Tada! also posed an interesting question to shoppers. How much money would you pay to magically lose your excess weight? Sixty-five percent would dish out up to $249. We’re hoping this deal also comes with a magic pill for keeping the weight off.