Get rid of dark under-eye circles and puffy eyes with these DIY home remedies

Get rid of dark under-eye circles and puffy eyes with these DIY home remedies

You get up at the crack of dawn, stare at a computer screen for 12 hours and go to bed late. Maybe on top of not getting enough sleep, you’re also feeling super stressed. All of these factors can cause wear and tear on a human body, and a particularly favorite target of overtiredness is that area right under your eyes.

And boy does it suck when you have dark circles under your eyes or worse, depending on your perspective, puffy eyes that invite questions such as, “Have you been crying?” (only on the inside) and observations that include, “You look tired” (no kidding, thanks).

The Doctor says "Don't you think she looks tired?"

Never mind that you put on makeup, including your favorite lipstick. Never mind that you actually put some effort into your hair and felt cute — until someone pointed out your eyes. Dark under-eye circles and puffy eyes can ruin everything forever. Well, not everything and not forever, but they can certainly put a crimp in your style.

There are some really great products out there, from relatively cheap stuff at chain drugstores to more expensive high-end creams. But if you’re strapped for cash or need an emergency fix, the solution to your problems may be in your kitchen.

Cucumber slices

cucumber slices

Cool cucumber slices go a long way toward de-puffing those puffy eyes.

Mashed banana

Smear the mashed banana under your eyes, leave it for about 18 minutes and rinse.


Bunch of red grapes

Organic red grapes with seeds are the ones you need, chilled.

Cut one of them in half, rub the halves under your eyes and leave it there for a moment. Rinse.

Grapes help alleviate that annoying swelling.


Like the banana, mash it up first. It’s not just delicious, folks, nor is it just a great ingredient to use in a hair mask. Apply under your eyes for some relief and de-puffing.

Almond milk

Dab some almond milk under your eyes with cotton balls to combat dark circles.


Pair of spoons

They aren’t just for making music. Chilled spoons placed under your eyes are supposed to help battle the puffiness.

Raw potato

Don’t have cucumbers? No problem. Cut a couple of potato slices, chill them, apply for 10 minutes and voila.

Crushed parsley

Bunch of parsley

Parsley can be pretty amazing. Crush some up, apply under eyes and say good-bye to those dark circles.

Crushed mint also works.

Cool green or chamomile tea bags

Caffeine is a great way to fight puffy eyes. Use some green tea. Chamomile will also do in a pinch.

Drink tomato juice

If all this stuff makes you feel high maintenance or you just don’t have time for it (or don’t like the idea of feeling sticky), then drink tomato juice often. Or have citrus fruit. Vitamin C is your friend.

Woman drinking tomato juice

And of course, these remedies will work more effectively if you combine them with a good night’s sleep. Try some relaxation techniques before bedtime to get you in the mood to count some sheep. Staying hydrated is also essential to keeping the area under your eyes bright and un-puffy.