How to choose the right hairbrush for your hair type & style

If you’ve ever shopped for a hairbrush, you know how daunting it can be standing there, staring at the sea of different shapes, sizes and bristle types. Which do you get?

Well, it depends on what you want to do to with your hair. Here’s a breakdown of brushes and their benefits so you don’t lose 20 minutes blinking at all the round brushes, paddle brushes, natural bristles, plastic bristles and so on.

Teasing brush

Need some lift? Going to an 80s-themed party? Channeling your inner Siouxsie Sioux? Then the teasing brush is the one you need.

Paddle brush

If your hair’s been falling out and all advice points to scalp stimulation, then the paddle brush with plastic bristles is the one to get. Use the paddle brush to detangle your hair. And if you are dealing with hair loss, remember to detangle when your hair is dry before you shampoo and condition and detangle with your fingers when it’s still wet. The paddle brush with natural bristles, by the way, is ideal for smoothing and straightening.

Round brush with diagonal bristles

Use the round brush with diagonal bristles when you want to add volume. If your hair is cut in layers, particularly long ones, this is the ideal brush for you. It also accentuates waves for those with wavy hair.

Vent brush

If every time you brush your hair you hear that telltale crackle, use the vent brush. It helps deal with evil static. And get some dryer sheets while you’re at it. They help with frizzy hair that results from too much static.   

Detangling brush

Like the paddle brush, it stimulates the scalp. But it also brushes stubborn knots out.

Smoothing brush

Like the detangling brush, this brush stimulates your scalp and detangles, but it’s ideal for smoothing out unruly hair.

Small round brush with natural bristles

This brush is great for those with short hair. It’s also great for anyone with misbehaving bangs that need to be smoothed down.

Vented round brush with metal bristles

Speaking of bangs, if you want to bring out the most of your fabulous curtain bangs, use a vented round brush with metal bristles. Since it’s big and round, this brush is great for curling the ends of your hair, and the one you want to use when you’re blow-drying your hair — it helps give you extra lift and bounce.

Extension brush

If you have synthetic hair, including and especially extensions, this brush won’t catch on the strands and will go easier on them.

Straightening brush

Pretty straightforward — this is the brush to use when you want to straighten and smooth. Pair it up with the blow-dryer if you have the time and patience.

Large mixed bristle brush

If the clampiness that is the straightening brush is not for you, then use the large mixed bristle brush to straighten your hair.