How to get immune to the cold/flu season [Featured Partner]

How to get immune to the cold/flu season [Featured Partner]

The cold and flu season is upon us. Do you have your armor on? Avoiding the virus that causes flu and other bacterial and viral infections is virtually impossible. We live in an ocean of germs. Our bodies have more bacteria in them than our own cells. How do we survive this constant assault? What’s the difference between people who get sick and those who stay well? How can we protect ourselves?

Exposure doesn’t mean illness

Being attentive to avoiding exposure certainly has merit. Handwashing has been shown to add value. Other actions such as avoiding exposure to people with known illness and covering our mouths when we cough are time-honored practices that also have merit. Unfortunately, the time when people shed the most virus is just prior to becoming sick. This means that they can expose many individuals before they know to avoid contact. In most cases after being exposed to an illness, your body will mount a vigorous immune response and will kill the invader before you ever know it was there.  No fever, no illness, just your immune system doing its job and destroying invaders at the gate. Simply put, a strong immune system is your best defense.

The role of flu shots 

Every year, the CDC tries to make a guess as to what type of flu virus is evolving for the upcoming season. This is necessary since it takes months to develop and distribute the flu shot. Unfortunately, in many cases the flu shot is targeted for the wrong type of virus. The other variable has to do with your own immune system. The flu shot works by stimulating your immune system to make antibodies against a virus. If you are older, weak or already afflicted with medical conditions that can decrease your immune strength (e.g., diabetes, arthritis, asthma or lung disease, age greater than 50), the flu shot simply will not work as well for you. Furthermore, the flu shot has no effect on other ailments such as winter colds and sinus infections. I encourage you all to get the flu shot since it does have potential benefit. However, do not think that you are fully protected by this one act.

Keeping “immune fit”

Your immune system is like any other organ system in your body. It requires certain basic elements to function at its highest level. Get regular sleep, typically at least six uninterrupted hours, and adequate nutrition, including avoidance of toxic foods, such as junk food and excessive alcohol (it seems best to keep it at two drinks a day or fewer). Moderate exercise can stimulate the immune system, but excessive exercising can actually break it down. The best target is around 30 minutes of interval training per day. Here’s the big one: Try to avoid stress. Good luck with that! Pursuing your inner peace through Zen-like activity is most certainly an immune booster. In short, don’t let anyone get you down. It will make you sick. Uplifting social activity and laughter are immune-boosting. Get out and socialize.


The role of supplements

When it comes to over-the-counter supplements, it is important to know the source. Manufacturing quality varies greatly! Often, what is on the labels is not necessarily in the capsule. In addition, some supplements are simply not “bioavailable.” That means the label could be accurate, but the product may simply not be absorbable from your gut. Often this has to do with the quality of ingredients the manufacturer uses. In other cases it has to do with the manner in which the product is manufactured. In general, I do not favor inexpensive supplements purchased in chain stores or big-box stores. When it comes to the Internet, you have to be very cautious. Some Internet suppliers are virtual fronts for overseas manufacturers. In addition to the labeled ingredient not always being accurate, contaminants and fill products can further compromise quality. When it comes to supplements, “made in the U.S.” is especially meaningful.

Finally, the dizzying array and sheer volume of supplements with competing claims can leave your head spinning. Look for products that have strong science backing them. Look for products that have been time-tested. Try to find a physician or functional medicine expert to help guide you in your choices.

iNR Wellness beta glucan 

Beta glucan is derived from a long chain polymer of glucose. Research shows that the best results come from a highly purified molecule, beta 1,3/1,6 glucan, from the cell wall of baker’s yeast. It has been shown to have a number of immune-boosting properties. It helps white blood cells identify and move to their target more readily, and once the target is acquired, helps them to adhere to it, improving the white blood cell’s ability to kill invaders. This safe supplement has the potential to make your immune system work better. When combined with the other recommendations for a healthy immune system, it gives you a better chance to get through the flu season without falling victim. Since it works at the level of your immune system, it has the capacity to not only decrease the risk of flu, but also make you more resilient to such bacterial infections as pneumonia, sinusitis and other non-flu viral illnesses like the common cold.

A trusted source

ImmuDyne (866-257-8668) is the world leader in manufacturing high-quality, highly purified and powerful beta 1,3/1,6 glucan – PURACERE – made right here in the USA. With nearly 30 years in the business, ImmuDyne has perfected the manufacturing process and produces the purest, most efficacious products, for both oral and topical use. Unlike other manufactures of supplements, beta glucan isn’t one of the things that the company does, it is ALL it does. This focus has enabled the company to produce a product that is distinctly superior to others laying claim to the same ingredient.

iNR Wellness for daily protection; iNR Strength for those who frequently exercise  

Taken as a daily supplement, iNR Wellness is a beta glucan product designed to keep your immune system functioning at its best level. In addition to helping you fight infections, a robust immune system can help boost energy, enhanced mental clarity and even improve complexion. Many patients reported an improved sense of well-being when their immune system is strengthened. For those who exercise frequently, I recommend iNR Strength. 

iNR WELLNESS MD for when the challenges are greatest. 

For those with chronic health issues, I recommend iNR Wellness M.D.

Take daily

iNR Wellness, iNR Wellness M.D., or iNR Strength as a daily supplement, especially through the cold and flu season. This is your best option at the onset of an illness and should be taken throughout the duration of your illness until at least two days post recovery.

I recommend you have a supply ready in the event of a sudden need. The earlier you start the supplement, the more likely it is to benefit you.

When it comes to avoiding and responding to illness, you can do much better than buying traditional cold and flu treatments that target only the symptoms instead of the source. These products often result in more side effects than benefits. 

Follow the advice I’ve given above, and boost your immune system with “Inner Wellness.” Go to or call 866-257-8668. You will be rewarded with the most vigorous, disease-free flu season possible.

— Dr. Stephen Petteruti

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