If food brands were brutally honest, these would be their slogans

Let’s get real for a second: Digiorno tastes nothing like delivery, and you really only buy Gatorade when you’re A) recovering from a stomach bug or B) recovering from a booze-filled night out. What if brand slogans decided to tell it like it is? 

That’s the whole concept behind HonestSlogans.com, which pairs brand logos with fake slogans that represent consumers’ true feelings for the products. For the most part, the creators are right on point — though we’re hesitant to back Hidden Valley Ranch’s fake slogan simply because recent research has found that a fattier salad dressing might actually maximize your body’s absorption of nutrients. (The key is moderation, people.) 

Check out some of the food-related ones below, and visit HonestSlogans.com to see more.