Paleo on the go: Introducing the PaleoExpress vending machine

The cupcake vending machine recently announced in New York City is not the only new vending machine on the block. So if you want to treat yourself, go ahead and get your dessert from an ATM machine. But for those of you who need healthier on-the-go options, look no further than PaleoExpress, the brand new Paleo Diet vending machine.

“We are beyond excited to offer this source of nourishment to on-the-go athletes, paleotarians and those in the general public who are nutritionally conscious,” said Alex Palm, cofounder of PaleoExpress.

Currently operating at CrossFit locations in California, PaleoExpress offers Paleo Diet-friendly food conveniently available in a vending machine. Some of the Paleo-centric foods include grass-fed meats, organic grain-free nut based granolas and bars, sweet potato and apple purees, Paleo protein and recovery drinks.

Palm, a CrossFit athlete who has participated in competitive sports for more than 20 years and works in laser physics and nuclear science, says the company chose CrossFit to launch the vending machines because “Paleo is ingrained in the CrossFit doctrine. In virtually every gym, they preach Paleo and push that type of nutrition.”

Cofounders Alex Palm (left) and Will BomarThe company is currently in talks with other potential host sites across California and the country, and hopes to count airports, universities, sports programs and corporate wellness programs as other hosts in the near future.

Here’s how it works:

  • PaleoExpress works via a partner program. The company owns the hardware and inventory that goes into the machines and places the unit in the host locations, which have no liabilities, no investment and little overhead.
  • The host location receives a replenishment box once a week to restock the machines, which are climate-controlled to ensure the minimally processed foods stay fresh.
  • The host location helps maintain the equipment, while sharing profits on each purchase. Sales are tracked in a real-time cloud database.

So how are the first five PaleoExpress locations doing?

“[The machines] are doing great,” Palm told HellaWella. “It’s nothing short of overwhelming in terms of the response we received. Our whole team has been up to our eyeballs in requests and interest in all corners of the globe — from Australia to Asia to Europe.”